Double strike on Pokrovsk: Yet another act of Russian terror against Ukrainian

Russia has once again demonstrated its unwillingness to end its bloody war of aggression. Vladimir Putin really seeks to wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth and destroy its people – this is the most apparent genocide.

On the evening of August 7, the Russian army deliberately launched a double missile attack with a 40-min interval on the city of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, in order to inflict more civiliancasualties. After the first strike hitting an apartment block, emergency response services arrived at the scene of the tragedy to clear the debris and rescue people. It was at this time that the Vladimir Putin’s insidious army launched another strike, which led to even greater losses among ordinary Ukrainians. At least seven people were killed and 27 were wounded, including a child. Two employees of the State Emergency Service and a military officer were also killed, as well as nine police officers, an employee of the local administration, and another officer who came to the rescue of those affected in the aftermath of the first strike. It is worth noting a zero military effect of such missile strikes as not a single military object was located nearby, which means that the Russian army purposefully kills peaceful Ukrainians.

The Russians also struck Kharkiv region, firing off four guided aerial bombs at the village of Kruhliakivka in the Kupiansk district, hitting private households. According to preliminary data, two civilians were killed and another five were wounded.

As of early July, the UN published a report on the number of Ukrainians killed in Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to the organization, 9,177 Ukrainians were killed and 15,993 were wounded at the hands of the Russian military. However, these are only official statistics, while in reality, the death toll is much higher.

The Russian Federation, led by Vladimir Putin, has already lost the war in Ukraine and is no longer able to fight in accordance with the norms of international law, therefore resorting to desperate measures, killing the civilian population. All civilized countries should become a united front against the aggressor and show him that the Kremlin’s lawlessness and arbitrariness will be stopped. Partners should send Ukraine more and more modern air defense capabilities and boost the supply of military equipment that will keep annihilating the invaders on the battlefield until they withdraw from Ukrainian territory.