Christodoulides, Mitsotakis pledge to strengthen cooperation

President Christodoulides and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, expressed their commitment to strengthening cooperation between the two countries, during a meeting on Monday at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, informs In-Cyprus.

The Greek Prime Minister paid an official state visit to Cyprus.

During the meeting, President Christodoulides stated that specific decisions and actions would be announced, demonstrating their strong determination for further cooperation. He underlined that the excellent cooperation between the two governments will continue and be fortified, aiming to establish a more robust institutional framework for their joint efforts.

The President welcomed the Greek Prime Minister to Cyprus, acknowledging the challenges and opportunities they face in the region. He looked forward to fruitful discussions and collaborative actions, with a shared goal of becoming pillars of security and stability in the area, while maintaining positive relations with neighbouring countries, always within the boundaries of international law.

In response, the Greek Prime Minister expressed his appreciation and explained the delay in his visit due to wildfires in Greece. However, he stressed the importance of the strong bond between Greece and Cyprus, making this visit a practical recognition of their unique relationship.

Both leaders acknowledged the geopolitical challenges in the wider region and agreed on the need for better coordination on various foreign policy issues and other important matters. The Greek Prime Minister assured that the cooperation between the two governments is excellent and will be further reinforced through institutional collaboration.

The leaders confirmed their commitment to adhere to decisions made by the United Nations and to respect international law, considering these principles as essential in their approach to developments in the broader region.