Bromance between a Cypriot election observer in Russia and separatists

Cyprus is a magnificent island. The Republic of Cyprus is a pleasant state. Just imagine, an amazing sea, the sun, variety of hotels with taverns and restaurants. These all look great together with cheerful tourists and locals. An idealistic image.

Fair enough that living in Cyprus or staying for a short period as a tourist is joyful. Most people appreciate this effortless well-being. Cherish their time. Moreover, the resident of Cyprus is able to compare its living conditions in his state with others. Recall what is happening in Syria, which is pretty close. If this example
does not ring a bell, pay attention to conditions in the South-East of Ukraine.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it. There are people in Cyprus who find their burden in peaceful well-being, personal liberty and democracy. As a famous Russian poet, writer Mikhail Lermontov said, «And yet, this rebel seeks the gale, As if in gales there is peace!»

On November 24, 2015, at the request of a Russian media «Izvestia», Governmental, quasi-governmental and other media published the following fake news, «Cyprus urged Russia to deploy a military base on the island». A Russian channel «REN TV» went even further and posted a malicious message under the heading, «Cypriots beg Russia to protect them from ISIS.»

The source continues, «The possibility of deploying a Russian military base on the island is being discussed. Such request was received by the President Nikos Anastasiadis from the head of the Cyprus Orthodox Human Rights Centre Marius Fotiu and activists of the movement (the document is at the disposal of «Izvestia»).

Cypriots fear a threat from ISIS (a blacklisted terrorist group in Russia). As Mr. Fotiu emphasizes, among all the EU countries, Cyprus is closest to Syria, so residents suffer the threat of terrorist attacks. Activists ask the president «to grant the deployment of separate military formations of the Navy and the Aerospace
Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Cyprus. » In addition, the organization to support its idea started drive for signatures among fellow citizens.»

A fake message scattered across Russian media and made a lot of noise, but was eventually refuted by the Russian source «Lapshesnimalochnaya»(general meaning of the word «Lapshesnimalochnaya» is Anti-fake centre). It is worth saying that Cypriot media did nothing to appeal the message of this «initiative group of
citizens addressed to the president of the country». To put it mildly, nothing was appealed.

It turned out that head of the supposedly human rights centre was not called Marius at all, but Marios. Moreover, he is not the head of the non-existent «Cypriot Orthodox Human Rights Centre», but a member of the «Cypriot-Russian Association» (there is such a lobby club at the Russian Embassy in Cyprus).

Additionally, to being a member of the Embassy club, Marios Fotiu often visits the Russian Federation as an «international expert» and an «international observer». In particular, he being in composition with other vested «experts, » officially approved the conclusion that «Elections of the governor of St. Petersburg were held in accordance with international standards.»

At that moment the elections of the governor of St. Petersburg, who, de-facto, is the head of the second main city of Russia were held with one nominee running for this high post. This person is former KGB officer, Georgy Poltavchenko, in fact, a lot of violations were recorded in his favour. Unfortunately, «international observers» including Marios Fotiu, liked everything and disregarded presented evidence of purchase of votes. Being of sound mind, the «international expert» publicly justified and legitimized the elections in St. Petersburg at the international level.

Mr. Fotiou participated in the consecration of a church in St. Petersburg as a member of Cypriot delegation and was accompanied by the Russian State Duma deputy, observer at the referendum in Crimea, Vitaly Milonov.

A fool and his money are soon parted. The same with hype around the deployment of a Russian military base. The case is closed now. It had unsuccessful plaintiffs, as usual.

In April, 2017, Marios Fotiu together with Vitaly Milonov illegally entered the occupied territory of Ukraine, the self-proclaimed «Donetsk People's Republic». He also visited the city of Nikolaevka, where he expressed moral support to the separatists from the «DPR», but also to presented material support brought by him.

The image was downloaded from the public Facebook account of Marios Fotiu

The State Duma deputy, Mr. Milonov accompanied by a Cypriot, Mr. Fotiu, delivered clothing, medicines, walkie-talkies and optical sights for small arms to the separatists.

The image was downloaded from the public Facebook account of Marios Fotiu

Also, Milonov and Fotiu found it funny to pose in front of a camera in camouflage with weapons in their hands. Separatists were used here as background to show the atmosphere. What these people were doing with small arms in trenches of Nikolaev, when not filmed, we may only guess.

Sharing his impressions on Facebook about the trip to the «DPR», where he was in the line of fire, Mr. Fotiu, among other things expressed readers his political views. They are pretty blatant.

He tries to show common features of the conflict in Cyprus of 1974 and the events in the South-East of Ukraine in 2014. Whom to blame? Mr. Fotiu recapitulates them: «Anglo-Americans, «globalists» and, of course, «Jewish masterminds». The story without Jews as enemies does not follow the cliché. Fotiu heavily criticizes ultra-right parties and the current Government. According to him, «politicians and parties sold their Motherland and the religion of the nation, betrayed national sovereignty and national values».

The way to tackle politicians and parties that betrayed, in his opinion, the homeland and religion of the nation, is not specified by Mr. Fotiu.

Who knows, maybe his visit to the «DPR» was aimed, inter alia, to search for those specific methods to restore the national sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus. Possible, he fired at all cylinders to find in unrecognized state some routes to get rid of «corrupted politicians and parties in Cyprus.»

The image was downloaded from the public Facebook account of Marios Fotiu

The sole fact of the Cypriot «international observer» visiting so-called «DPR» in the company of a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation may become the matter of a criminal investigation. Under Ukrainian Law cooperation with separatists is breach of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code, which is penalized up to 15 years of imprisonment.

The trip of a Cypriot citizen to the east of Ukraine and the supply of military equipment to pro-Russian separatists is not military tourism, but participation in the conflict on the side of illegal military units. In our opinion, there are signs of a criminal offense in this case, which the authorities of Cyprus and Ukraine should control and investigate.

The image was downloaded from the public Facebook account of Marios Fotiu

Indeed, not all residents of a prosperous, free, democratic Cyprus like these features of democracy and liberty. Not everyone likes fair elections, impartial courts, free media, independent local government, Presidents elected by people, not lifelong national leaders.

It seems that some citizens really want some kind of shaking in Cyprus. Who know, they may be hungry for the «Cypriot spring», «polite foreign military», «Ministry of State Security created by Russia» and «cellars» where you may be brought for a small-talk.

Frankly speaking, an average Cypriot does not want anything like this in his state. All that people want is peace and prosperity. It`s obvious, that Cypriot Marios Fotiu should understand this like no other, especially after walking Donetsk trenches where birds and bullets fly.