Another terrorist attack by Russia against the people of Ukraine: a strike on a civilian evacuation column claims dozens of lives

The Ukrainian people have suffered two more tragedies because of Russia’s brutal actions. On the morning of September 30, Russia launched a targeted attack on a civilian convoy evacuating Zaporizhia. People were heading to the occupied territory of the region to take their families out of there. Broken, scorched vehicles are seen at the scene of the incident, along with disfigured corpses scattered all over the place. The number of those killed amounts to dozens, women and children among them, while dozens of wounded and injured were rushed to the city hospitals. The number of casualties is constantly increasing as reports keep coming in from the rescue service. It was a deliberate attack carried out in cold blood, all in order to blame Ukraine, trying to claim it is a terrorist state killing its own citizens.

On the night of September 29, a massive missile strike was launched on the city of Dnipro. The strikes hit exclusively civilian objects: residential buildings and civilian infrastructure, including municipal transport enterprises. City Mayor Borys Filatov said that more than 100 buses were destroyed. In the morning, a number of city commuter routes were canceled, which seriously disrupted logistics for local residents. Civilian deaths have been reported. Eyewitnesses say this was the most atrocious attack on the city since war-start.

These two incidents can be interpreted as war crimes and acts of terror against the Ukrainian people. Putin has actually already lost the war – his forces are failing to perform any effective operation at the front lines so all that “might” of the Russian army turned out to be a myth, of which the whole world has already become convinced. Despite the sham referenda Russia held in the occupied areas, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance and recapture the Russian-captured lands: for example, a counter-offensive is underway toward the town of Lyman in the Kramatorsk district of Donetsk region, where Russian troops are suffering heavy losses and attempting to retreat in multiple directions. Russia has once again confirmed its reputation of a rotten, vindictive power that resorts to killing women and children in retaliation for its battlefield failures, now also threatening the embattled nation of Ukraine with its nuclear weapons against the backdrop of rusty Kalashnikov rifles issued to newly mobilized soldiers.

The latest acts of genocide have added to the list of Russian crimes against Ukraine, and will not remain unavenged. Contrary to Putin’s desire to frighten and demoralize the Ukrainians, their hate toward the invaders is only growing, as is the resilience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line as Ukraine’s troops are confident in their victory.

Russia is a common, existential enemy of the entire civilized world, which is committing terrorist attacks against the civilian population and rattling its nuclear saber amid the frustrating weakness of its conventional army, now being replenished with alcoholics and convicts called up for military service in Putin’s desperate rush move. By their actions, the Russians have proven that they are not worthy of negotiations and compromise. Russia is a malign tumor on the Earth’s body, which is destroying and poisoning it, therefore it must be beaten for good.