Another Instance of Genocide: 11 Ukrainian Civilians Died as a Result of Rocket Attacks on January 26

On January 26, Russia launched a combined attack with various types of missiles on Ukrainian cities. 20 rockets were fired at Kyiv alone — all of them were shot down by air defense. The missile strike was preceded by a drone strike that began at night. Putin uses terror as one of the methods of waging war. Killing Ukrainian civilians is genocide and a crime against humanity. The Russian army must be exhausted as much as possible in Ukraine. The key to this is the supply of all the necessary weapons for the Ukrainian army, which actually protects all of Europe.

Genocide, murders and destruction are the face of the “Russian world” (Russkiy Mir). On January 26, Putin committed another war crime by shelling Ukrainian cities with missiles. The shortage of certain types of missiles causes Russia to use outdated types. For example, the X-22, which have a large deviation from target and lead to large casualties and destruction. Russia’s behavior is predictable: this missile attack was a response to the West’s provision of an unprecedented package of military aid to Ukraine. Because the essence of Russia is meanness and rottenness, it has backward and neglected territory, but at the same time it is obsessed with seizing foreign territory and commits genocide of Ukrainians on national grounds. As a result of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army, tens of thousands of Ukrainians died, repressions began in the occupied territories, local residents were tortured and persecuted. Putin de facto approved this genocide, because he hates Ukrainians. The Russian military is ordered to commit as many crimes in Ukraine as possible.

Russia is planning a long, protracted war. Putin has put the Russian economy on a military track and is preparing for a confrontation with the entire West. Russian tanks in European cities are not an illusion, but a harsh reality already in the medium term if Russia is not critically exhausted in Ukraine. That is why the Armed Forces should receive all the necessary Western weapons, which are the only tool to neutralize the Russian existential threat to the West.