Additional air defense systems for Ukraine will protect the country’s energy sector throughout winter

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 1, the Russian army launched another attack on critical infrastructure facilities across Ukraine.  Air defense forces intercepted 18 of 20 Iranian-made one-way attack drones, as well as a Kh-59 cruise missile.  Russia pursues its attempts to provoke a collapse in the Ukrainian energy sector, therefore additional air defense capabilities are crucial.

In their latest strike, the Russians hit a Kremenchuh oil refinery.  The Russian Aerospace Forces systematically target the facilities that are critical for the Ukrainian economy, trying to inflict maximum damage. This is yet another classic war crime by Russia, which is bogged down in a grueling war but not ready to retreat, confirming its status of a terrorist state by putting civilians at crosshairs.  Putin is set to further intensify the ongoing genocide of Ukrainians. Recently the Russians have not launched massive cruise and ballistic missile attacks, opting for cheaper drones not carrying out massive attacks with cruise and ballistic missiles, using much cheaper drones. This assumes that Russia is stocking up on missiles of various types to attack Ukrainian electrical substations once subzero temperatures set in later this fall or early winter.

Therefore, the supply of highly effective air defense systems is critical.  Models such as Patriot, SAMP(T), and IRIS-T have proven highly effective, downing even the most modern types of Russian missiles.  Additional systems would reliably protect the Ukrainian energy sector and preserve central heating and electricity for millions of Ukrainians who are being targeted by Putin’s genocidal war.