[13:39, 19.10.2018] O_X: Heeey! Ivan, please see Alexey`s comments in the group about LGBT members. I think he shouldn`t have done that

[13:40, 19.10.2018] O_X: Well, I understand his message, but…

[13:41, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: can you transfer me the link?

[13:41, 19.10.2018] O_X: sec

[13:45, 19.10.2018] O_X: Seems that a candidate for the European Parliament will do his best to apologize for it (

[13:47, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: To put it mildly I agree

[13:49, 19.10.2018] O_X: I have no right to advise him anything yet, but such messages and those he had previously written about Constantinople it is a b**ch. If he wants to speak, it`s reasonably firstly to have a talk and agreement with comrades in the party since he`s its face (

[13:52, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Gush, I had no idea about it

[13:52, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: How should we slip out?

[13:53, 19.10.2018] O_X: Regarding Constantinople, who tortured him? «Bastards under disguise»???

[13:53, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Make him write honestly, «Having consulted with party members, it appeared, that he Party does not share my personal opinion and prohibits speaking on tis subject from this moment»?

[13:53, 19.10.2018] O_X: No

[13:56, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Anyway, it`s just words

[13:56, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1It`s bullshit.

[13:56, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Alexey — Ivan I don`t think it`s a big problem. But people in the group will support me.

[13:56, 19.10.2018] O_X: Give me half an hour to think. In short  «I am a caring person, I do care about the future of our children, etc. The future of the country concerns me as well. I expressed my opinion exclusively personally. In the party I was not supported, but we have freedom of opinion.» This is the right connotation

[13:56, 19.10.2018] O_X: Do not write at once! Or they`ll find out right away what has happened

[13:57, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: OK, waiting for a time and text proposal

[13:58, 19.10.2018] O_X: In for a penny, in for a pound, the trouble is great. Believe me, all your public activities are being monitored. Give me an hour and a half, or maybe three,  let him write, this will break them  into pieces

[13:58, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: I forwarded the messages from Alexey. I agree that he made a mistake

[13:58, 19.10.2018] O_X: Do not delete the comments, pls

[13:59, 19.10.2018] O_X: Let everything remain

[14:09, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: There is a good psalm there. Why don`t you rely on it?

[14:12, 19.10.2018] O_X: Well, rely on that and what I wrote. The main thing is that the party is NOT the sender of this message

[14:13, 19.10.2018] O_X: He agreed to sign there (((

[14:13, 19.10.2018] O_X: Yes, there is something to do with it

[14:13, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: yes, this is the most unpleasant

[14:14, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: the party prohibited — can be it the only reason for apology?

[14:51, 19.10.2018] O_X: Perhaps. I need another half an hour. Like I don ‘t want to let my mates down. The situation ((

Forgive me for the question, in private, is he drunk?

[14:53, 19.10.2018] O_X: If yes, we will fight crises on the Internet like this forever (((

[14:59, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Well, not in the morning! I think the topic triggered him so much

[16:34, 19.10.2018] O_X: See mail pls. Sorry for a long pause, the situation is not easy

[16:55, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: I saw it. I agree. Should I forward it to Alexey and ask him to agree the details with you?

[16:57, 19.10.2018] O_X: Yes, let`s do it. I take it as personal responsibility now. I am in FB if he is OK

[18:01, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Is Alexey`s statement simply homophobic, not inciting aggression or violence?

[18:05, 19.10.2018] O_X: Well, how to say, «Well, what ‘s not a modern gay parade? Liberal values are actually a poorly disguised feature of the DIABLO»

[18:05, 19.10.2018] O_X: this can be interpreted very ambiguous, he may be or ,alternatively, not be fined right now, but this may be used at the Elections

[18:06, 19.10.2018] O_X: it is at your disposal and that of the author, but I would advise that it is his personal opinion, not the position of the political organization headed by him

[18:06, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Well, actually there is a church of Diablo, the truth is it`s not yet in Cyprus

[18:07, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: So far he is offline, I can ‘t reach him. Maybe homosexuals welcomed him to try «art» ?

[18:09, 19.10.2018] O_X: I have a strong position that all these comments can be interpreted in two ways. I can offer a short draft commentary so that it may explain everything. At your discretion, but here, I am sorry, for the pun would not give the other party, i.e. advocated of gay, to lead and interpret his words ambiguously

[18:09, 19.10.2018] O_X: well, it`s my personal opinion, I don ‘t give up my words, but it is my personal position and if you want to communicate I am always open. And about children necessarily to make them the reason of such a response

[18:10, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: yes, let it better be just one comment. He will fit his message successfully

[18:12, 19.10.2018] O_X: … I would like to point out that everything said above comes from me PERSONALLY as husband and father, and is not an official position. We in the Party respect each other`s views, but here, I will emphasize, I speak exclusively on my own behalf, not as Chairman. You see, my emotional reaction was caused by being a parent. Like you and many others. I travel a lot, share basic European values I see what lawyers seem to call abuse of right by individuals.

I don ‘t give up my words…. I am ready to meet you in person and talk about all this.

[18:14, 19.10.2018] O_X: Ok, later if it turns out successful forget calling Satan… and focus on what worries you in the future of children and in this way the conversation will turn down, some bystanders there will support you

[18:18, 19.10.2018] O_X: In my view, if we fail to make correct emphasis and make it inaccurately, the dissonance turns out. Recently there was your joint interview to the French where you accurately and correctly placed accents, saying that I am European, and then out of the blue moon in 10 days acts in the spirit of the Russian propaganda about Gay parade, etc. In further preparations for the elections, this should be avoided

[18:55, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: Alexey — Ivan. I was on the plane. Sorry. I think I ‘d better write something now. Especially not to emphasize the party. Especially no one wrote about the Party there. Now I`ll write the comment О_Х wants. And the topic will immediately go towards the party

[18:58, 19.10.2018] O_X: I understand his position, and in principle the audience is more visible to him in the group. Then act at your own discretion. If necessary —  forward something to Alexey, he will be able to post. thanks

[18:58, 19.10.2018] O_X: well I mean he already has it)

[18:59, 19.10.2018] O_X: I`m sorry for the concern then, simply perceive it as potentially dangerous situation

[19:28, 19.10.2018] 357 99 xxxxx1: yes, thank you. In principle, the situation for today has faded, everything is neutral

[19:30, 19.10.2018] O_X: ok

Drafts of comments

O_X: Hi there. Hereunder you may find  draft comments that are recommended to be placed from 3 to 6 p.m.. But before that I would like to explain the emphasis.

If you write directly that the party has banned it, it turns out that the party has a poor communication mechanism and there is no internal integrity, it is not worth doing so. It is recommended that a statement should be (a) personal and not associated with the party; b) the party did not support the statement, but is sympathetic to the desire to speak out on such a hot topic; c) to finish on the fact that I am a parent, we all have children, and we all share the basic European values. E.g. I travel a lot and have seen abuses of the individuals rights.

Crucially, I do not give up my words and am ready to meet with you PERSONALLY. Fullstop. Then the meeting may take place, but by that time you may either leave or change your mind, the main thing now is to drive situation to the deadlock and not to let them use it for their own benefit. Psalm should not be deleted, there were odd statements about the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It seems that there the situation is even more serious, in my opinion, but let`s settle issues one after another.


Draft comments are recommended to be used one by one in the discussion. Write on your behalf in the same pattern, raise the message that we all have children, I worry for children, etc.

The only thing I would like to note is that everything said comes from me PERSONALLY, as husband and father, and is not the official position of the Ego on Politis Party. We respect each other`s views, but here, I will emphasize, I speak exclusively on my own behalf, not as the chairman of the party.

The Party did not support my opinion and I will not speak on this subject here to exclude the possibility of speculation.

You see, my emotional reaction was caused by being a parent. Like many readers of this page. I travel a lot, share common European values I see what lawyers seem to call abuse of right by individuals.


I don ‘t give up my words