Vladimir Putin Is Trying to Split the European Union with Its “Sore Spots”

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, by Russian troops was not just the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but Russia’s declaration of a hybrid war against the entire West. If in Ukraine the RF’s aggression is manifested by the offensive of troops on cities and missile strikes, then in Europe Moscow uses countries loyal to it in order to make a split and introduce contradictions.

The Russian Federation is trying to hit the EU where it hurts in order to undermine internal political processes. For example, Hungary plays a very important role in the Russian plan to split the European Union. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Viktor Orban still had to denounce Moscow’s aggression and to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity. But it is only for show. The Hungarian leader immediately made it clear that Ukraine should not count on any help from Budapest. The supply of weapons was out of the question at all. Hungary even banned the transit of Western weapons through its border with Ukraine, although from a logistical point of view this could be a good option. In Poland, Russia is also trying to sow dissent, with the help of various organizations. In February 2023, the Polish Anti-War Movement was created, whose members allegedly promote peace initiatives to the masses. Activists oppose aid to Ukraine, and also claim that official Warsaw’s policy is allegedly pushing Poland into conflict with Russia. Such organizations are used to introduce Russian narratives into European society.

The hybrid war of Russia is a very dangerous phenomenon that can destroy the European Union and raise a wave of conflicts from within. Russia will continue aggression against the West as long as it feels its strength on the battlefield in Ukraine. Military assistance to the Ukrainian army will make it possible to change a course of the war, which will lead to contradictions and splits within the Russian elites. Moscow will stop trying to destroy Europe only after critical weakening.