Under the pretext of attacks on port infrastructure, Russia kills civilians and destroys religious institutions in Ukraine

On the morning of July 23, Russia hit Odesa with missiles, provoking death among civilians and the destruction of an Orthodox church.

On July 23, Russia launched an airstrike on Odessa using 5 types of missiles, including ballistic flight path. In particular, Caliber, Onyx, X-22, Iskander-K, Iskander-M missiles were used.

As a result of the strike, civilian buildings were destroyed, a religious institution was struck, cars were mutilated, 20 wounded and at least 1 dead as of this point of time. 19 missiles were fired by the enemy and a significant number of those were shot down, however 6 apartment buildings were destroyed. The Transfiguration Cathedral of Odesa, that stayed untouched during the Second World War, but was struck during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was destroyed. The Russians are destroying a city they call «Russian.»

Russia is a terrorist state that destroys civilians in Ukraine and destroys non-military infrastructure. In Odesa, several funnels formed, in some parts of the city there are interruptions in electricity supply.

The destruction of religious institutions is the true face of Putin’s Russia, which promotes the ideas of the genocidal «Russian world.» Coordinates in Russian missiles are entered in advance, so this is a deliberate strike on churches and residential buildings.

Russia’s main goal is to mindlessly destroy and kill. Putin wants to sow terror and death by expanding «greater Russia.» Putin uses «scorched earth» tactics, which Russia has always used in all wars waged since the time of Ivan the Terrible.

Russia is a threat to the whole world that destroys religious institutions and kills civilians. It is preparing to carry out similar actions in Europe if the Russian army cannot be stopped in Ukraine. Russian troops, once invaded the rest of Europe, would cause the greatest tragedy in human history in decades.