Ukrainian army destroys enemy defense, stops Russian invasion in Europe

The Ukrainian armed forces are confidently destroying the enemy’s defense, tirelessly advancing: modern weaponry is shifting the balance of power in favor of Ukraine and eradicating the threat of a Russian invasion in Europe.

The Russian army is unable to achieve any of the initially set full-scale invasion military objectives. Therefore, the Putin propaganda machine requires at least the appearance of active offensive actions being carried out on the front lines. On October 10th, the Russians began the assault on Avdiivka, attempting to surround the mentioned settlement. Over two weeks of continuous attacks, the Russian Armed Forces lost hundreds of units of military equipment — arguably the largest losses they have incurred during the entire period of the full-scale invasion on a small front.

Despite the continuous Russian troop advances under Avdiivka and attempts by the occupiers to repel the liberated Rubanovo by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zaporizhia region, the Russian army has achieved no results, instead losing a significant amount of military reserve. Satellite imagery shows that the Russians are losing BMP-1, BMP-2, T-72, T-80 tanks, and even archaic T-64 tanks on the front: modern Western weaponry, including HIMARS rocket launchers, has proven its superiority over Russian arms, inflicting heavy losses on the occupiers.

Despite challenging conditions and constant shelling, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue the counter-offensive: the main objective of Ukraine’s defenders is to destroy as much armored vehicles and personnel of the Russian occupation forces in the southern front as possible. In addition to carrying out precision strike tasks and concentrated artillery bombardments, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strike groups are destroying the enemy in the Bakhmut direction. Specifically, the Ukrainian army has successfully carried out a series of attacks east of Klyshchevka and south of Andriivka — these settlements are located near Bakhmut, thus expanding the offensive foothold is the main tactical task for Ukraine’s defenders. Moreover, the bridgehead for the offensive on the left bank of the Kherson region is expanding — the Ukrainian Armed Forces are successfully crossing the Dnipro and consolidating on its left bank near the Antonovskiy bridge.

Modern weaponry is the determining factor for the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have proven that they are capable of defeating Russia and restoring stable peace in Europe. All that is needed for this is timely weapon deliveries: tanks, artillery, aviation, and rocket artillery systems are the most cost-effective investment for the overall victory of the civilized world over Russian territorial expansion.