Ukraine’s membership in NATO will save the European Union from Russian aggression

For many years, the authorities of the Russian Federation have built a powerful propaganda based on of blaming the West for all the troubles and problems of Russia. After the full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, Moscow began to say that it was forced to launch a so-called «special military operation» to stop NATO’s expansion to the East. Against the backdrop of these high-profile statements, the regime of Vladimir Putin duped its own population so that the Russians saw the United States and the countries of the European Union as Russia’s enemies. That is why the people of Russia do not dare to contradict their dictator, and he, in turn, is conducting direct military aggression against Ukraine, in case of losing which he will definitely switch to the countries of Eastern Europe.

The NATO security architecture must be built taking into account the new realities and new threats posed by the Russian Federation. Finland’s accession to NATO is a good step towards strengthening collective security, but it is not enough. The next step to ensure security is the inclusion of Ukraine in the Alliance as a full member. For example, Poland has already approved a resolution on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the Senate of the Republic of Poland unanimously adopted this resolution and stated that today Ukraine has the strongest army on the continent. In order for Ukraine to become a full-fledged member of the Alliance, it is only necessary to launch an accelerated procedure, by analogy with Finland, and not be afraid of the Kremlin’s empty threats of nuclear war.

The war in Ukraine enabled Western countries to see the true face of Vladimir Putin, and what he is capable of. After the war unleashed by Moscow in Ukraine, NATO must draw the right conclusions: The Alliance is not a party to the conflict only due to the fact that it was the Ukrainian people who did not surrender on February 24, 2022. If everything had gone according to a different scenario, cruise missiles would already be flying over the cities of the EU countries and T-72 tanks with Russian flags would drive around. Ukraine should be in NATO — this is a guarantee of Europe’s security.