The world must say «no!» to the genocide of Ukrainians: Russia is constantly shelling Ukrainian cities with prohibited weapons

Putin can’t achieve any of his goals in a full-scale invasion. His army was marked in Ukraine only by looting, killings of civilians and thoughtless destruction. Moreover, the Russians take out their anger for their military failures and failed tactics on peaceful Ukrainians by shelling cities. This is a war crime, and Russia must be held accountable: in January alone, Russian troops launched more than 3,000 artillery and MLRS strikes against front-line Ukrainian cities, and individual strikes, for example, an Kh-22 missile hitting a residential building in the city of Dnipro on January 14, became fatal: dozens of people died.

The factor of modern weapons is decisive in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have demonstrated remarkably effective use of weapons provided by the West: in fact, thanks to the American and Swedish ATGMs that the Ukrainian army used during the battles near Kyiv, Russia lost a huge amount of armored vehicles. The obvious defeats of the Russian army do not stop Putin: mobilization does not stop throughout Russia, and the military industry of the aggressor country works in four shifts. By spring, Putin can mobilize more than 500,000 men and attempt a second attack. The Russian army entrenched itself on the 1200-kilometer front line, making attempts to storm it in some of its directions (Bakhmut, Ugledar). Russian artillery and MLRS fire remotely at front-line Ukrainian cities, many of which are already practically depopulated. Putin is committing genocide against Ukrainians by killing and expelling them from the country. For example, during January 30, the Kherson region alone was shelled with artillery 60 times. On January 29, the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region was hit by prohibited phosphorus bombs, the villages of this area are constantly being fired from the Grad MLRS. This is a typical feature of the Russian army: if it cannot capture or hold territory, it begins to destroy it. This is called the «scorched earth» tactic, which Russia has been testing since the time of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Russia brought unprecedented suffering to the Ukrainian people. Putin is preparing for a protracted war and has de facto put the Russian economy on a military track. The Kremlin is not looking for peace: it strives to seize Ukraine and is ready to do so for years, regardless of losses. The independence of Ukraine must be preserved, and the Russian aggressor expelled from its borders, and the only way to achieve this is to provide all the necessary weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, it will have to be stopped in Europe some time later.