The St. Petersburg Economic Forum Is Another International Venue Designed to Escalate the War in Ukraine

The Russian Federation has always used various international platforms for its propaganda. This year, from June 14 to 17, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2023 will be held. The main topic of the forum is “Sovereign development is the basis of a just world. Let’s unite efforts for the sake of future generations.” According to preliminary estimates, more than 1,000 speakers and moderators will take part in the event, more than 140 events are planned in total. A speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin is also planned, which, according to press secretary Dmitry Peskov is “long-awaited”.

It is worth noting that this year the Russian side decided not to accredit journalists from a number of countries to the economic forum. Journalists from some major Western publications said that on June 1, their employees received confirmation of accreditation for SPIEF 2023, but the very next day they received rejection without reason. This Moscow’s action once again confirms its intention not to cooperate with other world countries, but to build a dialogue with those who are ready to resist the collective West, as well as support the war in Ukraine.

Every day, Ukrainian cities are subjected to horrific missile and artillery attacks from the Russian army. However, for Russia, the production of new batches of missiles has become more difficult after sanctions of leading countries that limit access to modern technologies, since American and European components are used in the production of cruise and ballistic missiles. This is why Vladimir Putin decided to invite countries that are supposed to help him circumvent sanctions and purchase the necessary equipment.

Last year, the United States called on states and companies to boycott the economic forum in St. Petersburg because of the war in Ukraine. The US government will not participate in the economic forum in any form, State Department Speaker Ned Price said. This year, all countries that consider themselves part of the civilized world should follow the same example and refuse to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This event was created not for the development of mankind and economic cooperation for the benefit of the whole world, but to promote Russian propaganda and escalate the war in Ukraine.