The growing number of mercenaries will increase the trend of political instability in Africa

For the first time in a long time, the head of PMC «Wagner» Prigozhin has entered the public field, 24Brussels informs. The head of the mercenaries recorded a video message, in which he said that he recruits new people to fulfil tasks and fights for «justice and happiness of African peoples». He labelled ISIS and al-Qaeda as the enemy. «Everything as we like it. «The Wagner Group conducts reconnaissance and search activities. Making Russia even greater on every continent! And Africa even freer,» Prigozhin broadcasts, presumably from hot Africa with a machine gun in hand. He also invited Russian investors to the Central African Republic. The CAR is the hub that connects the various «nodes» of Prigozhin’s business empire in Africa. The West also links Prigozhin and Wagner’s actions to a series of coups in West Africa, including the recent rebellion in Niger.

The twentieth century saw the revival and flourishing of a profession characteristic of the Middle Ages, when many rallied around leaders who in turn organised what came to be known as «free companies», mostly making a living from murder, extortion and terror. Mercenaries are a traditional tool of neo-colonialism on the African continent. The «exploits» of Mike Hoare, Bob Denard, the so-called «mercenary kings», Jean Schramm, a military mercenary in the Congo, and other «wild geese» are still remembered here. Mercenaries continue to be involved in a variety of campaigns in Africa. The huge unstable continent, the many governments that need the services of professional soldiers, the vast wealth, have all made Africa attractive to adventurers of all kinds.

Russia also carries out neo-colonial expansion, in particular, with the help of PMC «Wagner» terrorises Africa no worse than other criminal groups. Wherever the Wagner group appeared, the number of reports of war crimes increased. PMCs will continue to threaten the legitimacy of local authorities by attacking and killing civilians. The experience of involvement of Russian security services and mercenaries in the organisation of military coups in Mali and Burkina Faso, testifies to the active and large-scale interference of Russians in internal conflicts and aggravation of contradictions in African states. In particular, in the Central African Republic, the Wagnerites actually created a «parallel army», which was used as part of a «campaign of terror»: we are talking about mass killings, torture and rape during the «cleansing» of settlements.

Russian mercenaries also provoke new conflicts on the African continent in order to profit from lucrative contracts for dubious military services. The growing number of mercenaries will increase the trend of political instability in Africa, because they incite separatism, religious extremism, undermine confidence in state governance and contribute to regional instability. The Russian Federation actively uses PMC mercenaries to gain access to African resources. Through its PMCs, the Russian Federation appropriates the economic resources of Africa. It is obvious that the continent is an important part of the mercenaries’ earnings.

Russian domination in Africa leaves behind worse consequences than the colonialism of European countries. It only destroys, corrupts and plunders.

Following Maria Zakharova, Russian propaganda has also started talking about the need to «liberate» Africa, promising Africans help, friendship and equality, actively «playing» on the history of the struggle of African countries for independence. Russia is actively trying to present itself as a fighter against Western colonialism, a strategic ally and partner of African countries. In reality, its goal is to enslave Africans. If we let our guard down and believe the sweet lies, we can lose our freedom altogether and it will be too late to resist. Instead of resolving conflicts or supporting legitimate government institutions, Russian PMCs, making a lot of money on this, exacerbate the crime situation on the African continent. African countries cannot feel safe as long as Russian mercenaries are on their territories.