The aggressor’s fleet reports a «counter-terrorist operation» in Ukrainian waters

The aggressor country’s navy closed the area in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, ostensibly for a counter-terrorist operation. «The presence of ships and vessels in the area will be regarded as a terrorist threat,» — said in a statement issued by the Russian Navy through open channels of security of navigation. It should be noted that in the northwest of the Black Sea is the Ukrainian, not the Russian coast.

It will be recalled that last night an enemy drone attacked the ship of the Marine Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine «Hryhoriy Kuropyatnikov». The drone was later shot down on the approach to the Black Sea, and the ship continued to serve. In addition, in the morning, border guards of the Izmail detachment observed the activity of enemy drones. The aggressor’s unmanned aerial vehicles explored the Black Sea coast and the Danube River from a height of about 1 km.

Border guards together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security and defense forces continue to defend Ukraine.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the open invasion of Ukraine, Russia has hit at least three civilian ships in the Black Sea.