Shelling of Nikolaev is another war crime of the Russian Federation

Every day, the Russian army fires rockets at Ukrainian cities. Residential areas are shelled, where civilians, including children, die. This morning was no exception. Because of the shelling of Nikolaev, 5 people were killed and 13 were injured of varying degrees. Unfortunately, the number of victims may be higher, some of the wounded are in serious condition.

The Russian army fired an artillery strike at a public transport stop at a time when people were going to work and going about their business. Some people were walking their pets, who also died from heavy shrapnel injuries. These people have nothing to do with the armed forces, but they died at the hands of Russian soldiers.

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Russia is the No. 1 terrorist country in the world and should be recognized as a terrorist by the entire civilized world. Putin chose the tactics of genocide against the Ukrainian people. The Russian army purposefully and deliberately kills the inhabitants of Ukraine who do not want to submit to Russian occupation, but want to live in a free, independent, prosperous Ukraine. Sooner or later, Putin and his every soldier will answer for all the horrors that they do on Ukrainian soil.