Sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine should be the top priority of the G7

On February 24, 2023 it will be exactly one year since the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine. A year ago, Vladimir Putin thought he could just move his tanks and bring Ukraine back into his orbit of influence. However, everything turned out quite differently. The Ukrainian people have demonstrated their pro-European orientation not in word, but in deed and adequately defend their country from the invader to this day.

Russian aggression against Ukraine cannot last forever. The time has come to solve this issue and calm down the bear that broke out of the cage. The Russian Federation poses the greatest threat to the stability of the whole world. Therefore, the resolution of Russian aggression against Ukraine  should be the main priority of the G7. The killing of the civilian population of Ukraine cannot go unpunished. We will remind that starting from February 24, 2022, 18,483 victims among the civilian population were officially recorded in Ukraine: 7,068 killed, 11,415 injured. Among the dead are 2,800 men, 1,895 women, 180 girls and 223 boys, as well as 35 children and 1,935 adults, whose gender is still unknown.

Vladimir Putin will continue his aggression against Ukraine, because he does not understand anything but the «language of power». Only tough sanctions and military aid deliveries will save the lives of Ukrainians, who have been trying for many years to get rid of the Russian yoke and join civilization. Ukraine is counting on the support of the G7 countries in the adoption of the «peace formula», which will become a guarantee of security not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world.