Russian Troops Daily Terrorize Ukrainian Cities with Shelling

The army of the Russian Federation continues to terrorize the population of Ukraine with massive rocket and artillery strikes. Kherson, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv Oblasts of Ukraine are under constant shelling. The worst thing is that the Russians shells unpredictable, causing the destruction of civilian infrastructure and civilian deaths in Ukrainian cities. For example, last night the Russian military shelled a hospital in the city of Beryslav, Kherson Oblast. Luckily, without victims. But an important medical facility for a small town was destroyed, which will greatly complicate the provision of medical care to local residents.

The number of attacks on the northern regions of Ukraine bordering the Russian Federation, namely Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy Oblasts, has sharply increased in recent month. The Russian army shells communities and the local civilians every day with various types of weapons: air strikes, UAVs, ballistic missiles and multiple rocket launchers. Russian troops fired 162 times at Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy Oblasts from artillery-mortar systems between May 8-16, 2023. The Sumy Oblast was shelled 110 times, Chernihiv — 29, Kharkiv — 23.

Every day Russia cynically violates human rights guaranteed by international law. Only in the Kharkiv Oblast this week 12 people were killed, 23 people were injured, two of them are children. In the Sumy Oblast, 1 person died, two more were injured, including one child. In the Chernihiv Oblast, three dead and three wounded. All the victims are civilians, despite this, the Russian military command continues to lie about the destruction of the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Russia is a terrorist country that is not able to withstand the Ukrainian army on the battlefield, so it has resorted to cruel and cynical crimes against the civilian population. Trying to take revenge on the Ukrainians, who see their future in a civilized European community, the Russian army destroys civilian objects and kills civilians, which is contrary to all the rules of war. Vladimir Putin’s regime should be punished for orders to kill Ukrainians who have nothing to do with the army and the war.