Russian propagandists call for the destruction of Ukrainians

Russian propagandists call for the destruction of Ukrainians, they rejoice at the deaths of civilians and no longer try to deny the war crimes of their army. If earlier the Russian media had an order, according to the Kremlin’s methodology, to deny involvement in the shelling of civilians, now they are even frankly happy and proud of this.

This tone for Russian propaganda was set by the Kremlin dictator Putin himself, reacting and openly declaring in October about the shelling of Ukrainian civilian targets across the country as retaliation for the Kerch Bridge, which practically broke the bottom of propaganda terror. Although there was and is no competition to the Russians in their ability to propagate lies and fakes. Russian propaganda only last week gave out a considerable amount of false information on the “favorite” Ukrainian topics. The explanation here is simple — Ukraine, that adequately resisting the Russian aggressors and invaders, is confidently moving towards victory, which is why it provokes such a violent and even cruel reaction from the Kremlin, the Russian mass media, which openly and even primitively lie. The official rhetoric of the Kremlin has been genocidal since the beginning of the war, when the Russian authorities proclaimed its goal to “denazify” Ukrainians. There are unintentional parallels with the artificial Holodomor, made by Stalin on the territory of Ukraine 90 years ago. Russia still calls it a natural disaster, and now they are trying to destroy the power supply so that millions of Ukrainians suffer and die. The Kremlin is trying by all means not only to harm the reputation of Ukraine, but also to demonstrate its strength and unwillingness to lose Ukraine. And for the Russians themselves, the example of the Ukrainians, who have overcome the imperial “heredity”, is a powerful mativation for a critical attitude towards the authorities, which Putin cannot allow. The propaganda machine of the Kremlin uses the old and simple principle, the essence of which is that the more brazen a lie becomes, the more people believe in it. But this principle is suitable only for domestic consumption. But not always, for the time being, because whatever is done in the dark eventually comes to the light. And lies too.