Russian Army Purposefully Kills Ukrainian Civilians, While Russian Propaganda Continues to Deny It

Against the background of ongoing active hostilities in the Donbas, the Russian occupying army is holding massive strikes on civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in Ukraine.

A multi-storey building in Kyiv was destroyed by X-22 cruise missile on June 26, a shopping center in Kremenchuk was hit by missile on June 27, and a mass attack by Caliber was carried out in the center of Vinnitsa on July 14. The result of these crimes were dozens of civilian casualties, destroyed buildings, colossal moral and economic damage. Russian propaganda denies that Russia is involved in these atrocities, cynically saying “Ukrainians shell their own cities” and broadcasting wild narratives that “there was a crowd of Nazis in the objects that were shelled.”

As a result of the genocide carried out by the Russian army, more and more people are dying in Ukraine with each passing day of the war. The biggest geopolitical and humanitarian catastrophe in Europe since 1945 is unfolding before our very eyes. Confident in his impunity, Putin is wiping Ukraine off the face of the earth. The world must react and stop this tragedy, because tomorrow Russian tanks will be on the streets of the EU and NATO countries, whose population still does not believe in the reality of the ongoing nightmare.

Despite the deepening logistical crisis of Russian troops in Ukraine, as well as the lack of visible success in the Ukrainian direction, Putin has gave a direct order to destroy Ukraine as a country. An acute shortage of armored vehicles and huge losses of Russian army personnel led to an increase in cruise missile attacks and massive air strikes on Ukrainian cities. In total, about 3,000 missiles were fired in Ukraine during the war. Also, strikes are systematically applied to industrial infrastructure, airports, roads; churches, schools, hospitals are shelled. Several thousand houses were destroyed. Most of the victims are civilians.

The Kremlin was drawn into a hard and bloody war of attrition, because Russia failed to quickly seize the key cities of Ukraine and declare a quick victory. Russia has neither the military nor the economic, much less the demographic resources to wage a war with intense fighting. There is practically no ally on the Russian side that could provide significant assistance. Therefore, the Kremlin in Ukraine consistently fulfills the scorched earth tactics, destroying settlements and industrial facilities.

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According to an unnamed source in the diplomatic circles of the Russian Federation, the Russian military have received instructions to kill civilians and destroy civil infrastructure. Thus, Russia is trying to forcefully persuade Ukraine to surrender on the terms of the Kremlin. Before each new round of negotiations, the Kremlin enhances shelling as a lever of psychological pressure on the Ukrainian side. The Kremlin is trying to sow panic among peaceful Ukrainians, to disseminate defeatist moods in Ukrainian society, which can cause protests and requirements to accept the conditions of Russia.

Putin has decided to do or die and capture as many territories of Ukraine as possible. Neither human losses on both sides, nor the consequences for the Russian economy as a result of the sanctions imposed are taking into consideration. In the captured territories, Russia takes control of industrial and production facilities: factories, power plants. Russia is also very interested in Ukrainian ports. For example, in Mariupol, Russian troops destroyed several thousand residential buildings, but did not strike a single blow to the seaport. The Kremlin is ready to kill women and children for the sake of their selfish motives and business “on blood.”

The civilizational contours of the future world order depend on the outcome of the Ukrainian-Russian war. This war demonstrated the real possibility of Russia’s military invasion to the EU and NATO countries. Putin tested and actually depreciated the institutional foundation of the West supranational structures as pillars of democracy. If the Kremlin’s totalitarian revenge will not be stopped, this will create a “domino effect”. The chain of regional conflicts throughout the world will lead to the war of everyone against all and finally destroy the concept of balance of forces in international politics.