Russian aggression against Ukraine As of February 28, 20:00 CET

Kharkiv under rocket attack. President of Ukraine signed Ukraine’s application for the EU membership. YouTube blocked Russian propaganda channels in Ukraine. Ukraine requested to accelerate synchronization with ENTSO-E. 


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

19:00 CET

After the last shelling of the city of Kharkiv, 31 people with injuries of varying severity were admitted to hospitals. Due to shelling on the streets two 16-storey residential buildings were damaged, 2 people were evacuated.

In occupied Berdyansk, people chased away the invaders shouting «Berdyansk is Ukraine!» 


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a historical document — Ukraine’s application for the European Union membership. 

In addition a joint statement was signed with Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Head of the Parliament of Ukraine, and Denys Shmyhal, the Prime Minister of Ukraine. 

Office of the President of Ukraine

18:27 CET 

The Ukrainian and Russian delegations, which met near the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, held the first round of talks to find points of contact for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities as soon as possible.

The parties discussed in detail a number of key issues on which they have prospects of finding mutually acceptable solutions.

It was decided to go immediately to additional consultations in the capitals of the states. After that in the near future, the second round of talks between the Ukrainian and Russian sides will take place. 

Briefing of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal 

18:18 CET 

  • While the Ukrainian army is heroically defending Ukraine, the Government and its people started working in the regime “Everything for the frontline, everything for the victory”.  
  • The private business provides free of charge fuel, medicines, food, and technical stuff for the army needs. 
  • The bravery and courage of the Ukrainian defenders inspires ordinary people to make their feasible contribution into the victory by preparing food, making camouflage nets or organizing block-posts. 
  • During today’s extraordinary meeting the Government adopted the next decisions:
  • To pay additional monetary reward in the amount of 30.000 UAH/monthly to all military men during the martial law period. For those involved into the actual fighting, the amount will be increased to 100.000 UAH/monthly. Families of the deceased defenders will receive a one-time payment in the amount of 15 mln UAH. These decisions are active starting from 24 February 2022 (the start date of the full-scale war Russia has launched against Ukraine). 
  • To significantly expand the list of goods of critical import with meat, edible offal, milk and dairy products, vegetables, nuts, coffee, tea, grains, flour, juices, oils and fats, sugar and confectionery; and also some military goods. 
  • To create the Coordination center for provision with edible products, medicines, drinkable water and fuel, which will operate 24/7 and will provide with everything needed cities and regions affected by war. 
  • To ease the procedure for purchasing goods and services for the needs of army and defense, ensuring the livelihood of the population, functioning of the state. Such purchases will be done by the decision of the head of the purchasing body or the state property management body. 
  • The entire world speaks about Ukraine now. We are grateful to all our friends around the world for the assistance they provide to Ukraine: military, humanitarian and economic. We are grateful for the sanctions imposed against Russia. We are grateful for the support-actions from around the globe. We are grateful for the closed skies for Russian aircrafts. 
  • Ukraine has addressed the EU with a request about the immediate accession to the EU under the special procedure. We, the entire Ukrainian people, would be grateful for the positive decision.  

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

17:00 CET

The Ministry of Health has prepared an Order «On the involvement of foreign medical workers in providing assistance to victims of martial law.» It will allow voluntary assistance of doctors and other foreign health workers who are in Ukraine legally, provided they have documents proving their professional qualifications.

Soon, the Health Minister Viktor Lyashko will publish an algorithm for foreign doctors to come to Ukraine and help save the lives of Ukrainians.

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

15:47 CET

Ukrainian food producers and Ukrainian businesses will provide 1 million food kits for people from vulnerable categories.

The products will be given to people with disabilities, elderly people living alone, families with many children, other people from less mobile categories and social institutions. Regional social services will ensure the collection of needs and delivery of products to recipients.

The sets consist of a variety of cereals, cereals, ready-made breakfast cereals, meat, canned meat and vegetables, pasta, sugar, condensed milk, oil, cookies packaged in various forms.

Kyiv City Administration

From today, public transport, retail chains, shops and pharmacies will be closed no later than 19:00, and start — no earlier than 08:00. Curfew — 20:00 to 07:00. Underground metro stations will operate around the clock.


Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

14:46 CET

YouTube blocked Russian propaganda channels in Ukraine. Now the occupant will not be able to spread and promote its fakes in our country.

As of today, the following channels in Ukraine are no longer available: «Channel One», «Russia 24» and «Russia 1», «TASS», «RIA Novosti», «RBC», «TV Channel Zvezda», and a number of other channels.

Thanks to YouTube for this decision. This is a big step towards our common victory.

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

16:00 CET

Total support for the Ukrainian army in cryptocurrency grew to a total of $12.7 million in just two days!


17:30 CET

Ukrzaliznytsia continues to evacuate civilians. About half a million people have already been evacuated already. Priority is given to children, women, and elderly people. Ukrainian railroad company provides help for the foreign nationals that are staying in Ukraine. People with the passport of every other county are able to leave the territory of Ukraine without restrictions. This also applies to men aged 18 to 60 years. A number of trains are currently running to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. 


Ministry of energy of Ukraine 

14:14 CET

German Galushchenko requested the EU energy ministers to accelerate synchronization of Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E

An extraordinary meeting of the EU energy ministers on the energy situation in Europe will take place today. The agenda will, in particular, include issues related to the synchronisation of Ukrainian power system with the European system ENTSO-E.

«I appeal to our European partners to synchronise Ukraine’s power system with ENTSO-E as soon as possible. We need your support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people more than ever!» — Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko wrote on his Facebook page.

He stressed that Ukraine has been at war with the Russian Federation for 5 days and during this time the Ukrainian power system has been operating in an isolated mode.

«We refused to return to parallel work with the systems of Russia and Belarus. We have proved the graveness of our intentions to integrate with the European system, even in this difficult time of war. Despite military aggression by Russia, rocket attacks, attacks on critical infrastructure, the Ukrainian power system, operating autonomously, has proven its reliability and security of electricity supply to consumers» said German Galushchenko.

14:00 CET

«International Relations Team» of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine works around the clock. The team is in constant communication with the European Commission, Energy Community, EU Member States, USA and other international partners.

The Ministry is currently focused on:

  • synchronisation of the Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E as soon as possible,
  • ensuring supply of energy resources,
  • restoration of destroyed and damaged infrastructure of the energy sector, etc.

Today Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko talked to the Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland Anna Moskwa. Poland is leading support to the synchronisation of Ukrainian power system with the European power system ENTSO-E in the shortest possible term.  

Poland is already providing energy supply to Ukraine and is ready to continue supplying coal and fuel in the required quantities.

Today, an extraordinary meeting of EU energy ministers on the energy situation in Europe will take place. Ministers will also discuss the issue of synchronisation of Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E.

Gas TSO of Ukraine

14:58 CET

Gas TSO of Ukraine employees are the real heroes, who keep the entire gas market and the Ukrainian energy system as a whole running at their workplaces. Linear Production Units of Main Gas Pipelines in Sumy, Boyarka, Kramatorsk, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhya — our hearts are with you, to operate in spite of hostilities, under extremely difficult conditions, and for holding up our civil defense.

As of 15:30, February 28, Gas TSO of Ukraine is working in a normal mode, there are no significant damages to infrastructure, the main gas pipelines continue gas transmission for the needs of Ukraine. Three gas distribution stations located on the contact line are disconnected, but as soon as the situation changes, they will resume their work as usual.

We continue to do our job and balance the energy system.