Russia Uses a “Scorched Earth” Policy in Ukraine. Russian Imperialism Must Be Defeated with the Help of Western Weapons

The Russian Federation has been using a scorched earth tactics in Ukraine for a long time, destroying production facilities and illegally transferring the Ukrainian civilian population to the Far Eastern regions of Russia.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting more and more successfully at the front. The Russian authorities, realizing that defeat of the Russian army on the battlefield is inevitably, are trying to destroy both the civilian and industrial infrastructure of Ukraine, using the “scorched earth” policy.

Russia conducts massive fire strikes to destroy all civilian infrastructure objects, and then gradually advance its troops into the “cleaned” territory. This is how the Russians were able to occupy Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in the summer. The Russian army uses heavy artillery, literally “levelling” cities to the ground.

Ukraine’s economy suffered significantly due to the destruction of production facilities by the Russians, damage to agricultural land, as well as a decrease in the number of the workforce, because more than 14 million Ukrainians were forced to leave their permanent place of residence. The cost of the restoration of Ukraine and its economy already reaches more than 500 billion US dollars, and with every day of Russian aggression, this figure will only increase.

In addition, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian occupation authorities on the occupied territories of Ukraine have been carrying out measures to filter and forcibly transfer Ukrainians to the Russian Federation, including Ukrainian children, which is a gross violation of the UN Fourth Geneva Convention and is considered a war crime.

Russia first makes Ukrainian children orphans, killing their parents and family members with shells and rockets, and then takes them to remote regions under the guise of evacuation. The Russian Federation does not plan to return Ukrainian children to already peaceful territories. Russia demonstrates the seriousness of its intentions to Russify Ukrainian children not only in various public statements, but also by placing deported children in foster families and granting them citizenship under a “simplified procedure.”

Approximately 2 million Ukrainians were illegally deported to Russia during the full-scale war. A significant part of Ukrainians was deported to the Far East, in particular to Siberia.

By its criminal actions, Russia creates conditions for forced cultural assimilation into Russian society of Ukrainians deported to the Russian Federation in order to erase their Ukrainian identity.

Today, the West must urgently support Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself from the Russian aggressor. Every day of the war brings more and more grief to the Ukrainian people. The Russian aggressor must be defeated with the help of Western weapons.

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