Russia’s Nazi essence

The whole world has long been fed lies about Russia’s alleged greatness. But the war has exposed the Nazi essence of this country with a disenfranchised population, taken hostage by a mob of psychos suffering from delusions of grandeur.

One of the unnamed goals of the so-called special military operation has actually been achieved: the entire civilized world saw that they are dealing with really sick, mentally unbalanced people and their minions. Of course, there are psychopathic maniacs in any country, but only in Russia do they hold top government offices. And now the Kremlin’s madmen are having pseudo-patriotic tantrums. First, Dmitry Medvedev announces «retaliation strikes» and readiness to use “all types” of weapons. Then the head of the Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin challenges President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine to a duel: “Tomorrow I will fly a MiG-29. If you wish, we could meet in the sky. If you win, take Artemovsk.” Now the head of Chechnya, Kadyrov, is making plans for “Silesia” and shares his intentions to fight “Satanism” in Poland: “The fight against Satanism must continue throughout Europe and, first of all, on the territory of Poland.”

All masks have been dropped. These war criminals who have gone off the rails — Kadyrov, Medvedev, and Prigozhin — no longer hide their fascist intentions from the world. These warmongers, preaching the manic ideas of the evil empire’s hegemony at any cost, not burdened by any moral laws, demonstrate a complete lack of adequacy in their perception of the world. They compensate for their inferiority by suppressing and killing people. And it is these figures who are considered the most likely picks to replace Putin.

The «great and mighty» nation has gone nuts. Its leaders are seriously considering a nuclear war scenario. Russia is taking on the appearance of a nuclear psychopath with nothing to lose. It transforms from paranoid into a suicide bomber, ready to die in order to take revenge on the whole world. Ukraine was the first to take the blow and is paying with the lives and blood of its own people for protecting the values of civilization. The war puts everyone before a choice: either help Ukraine or constantly balance on the brink of nuclear fallout. Today, the future of this world depends on the amount of weapons supplied to Ukraine. And the West must not hesitate in this matter because, as they say, «all in good time.» Until the Russian hydra is defeated, any peace in this world is impossible. The entire civilized world will benefit if Russia is defeated as soon as possible and Vladimir Putin is held accountable along with his gang of lunatics.