Russia’s creeping expansion: Putin is preparing for a protracted war with the West and is heavily redeploying troops to the Ukrainian Donbas

On the eve of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the Russian army found itself in a strategic impasse: its best personnel were destroyed in Ukraine, and with each next round of aggression, Western assistance to Ukraine only increases.

Putin has not achieved any of the goals set at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, except for several destroyed cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which the Russian managed to capture within six months. However, this does not stop Putin, who is really preparing for an indefinite war with the West and putting Russia on a war footing. His creeping expansion, which is accompanied by unprecedented casualties and destruction, is able to move forward for a long time, because Russia still has unlimited mobilization resources, which in the future can invade Europe, provided that the Russian army receives a sufficient number of heavy armored vehicles. And therefore, Putin’s army must be destroyed in Ukraine before it starts the third world war.

During 2022, the Russian military industry increased the production of military equipment by 15%, which is quite a significant indicator under the pressure of sanctions. Chinese companies help Russia obtain European electronics and microchips, which are used, in particular, for the production of missiles. Mobilization is taking place all over Russia, and the economy is already de facto functioning in wartime mode. Putin does not reckon with losses: during the battles near Bakhmut and Soledar, thousands of Russian soldiers were killed, and losses among the Wagner mercenaries are not recorded at all — the figure could reach tens of thousands. On the eve of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Putin needs at least some territorial gains in Ukraine. Every week, thousands of Russian conscripts are transferred from Russian and Belarusian training grounds to the front line. The creeping threat from Russia is an unprecedented challenge not only for Ukraine, but also for the West, because Putin does not reckon with losses — this is a characteristic of Russia, which has always tried to «pelt» its enemy with «cannon fodder» on the battlefield.

Putin sees this war as the result of his rule and wants to see Russian tanks on the streets of European cities, and for Ukraine this war is the defense of its freedom and sovereignty, preventint the genocide of Ukrainians, which Russia wants to commit. The combination of risks and threats from Putin’s Russia far exceeds the similar ones that Hitler’s Germany at one time caused. This war can lead to a catastrophe on a planetary scale. Therefore, providing all the necessary weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a contribution to the existence of the West: Russia has clearly manifested that it wants to destroy Europe, and this threat can only be eliminated through the supply of weapons.

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