Russia-related Designations, Updates and Removal; Counter Terrorism Designation Update; Issuance of Russia-related General Licenses

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is issuing Russia-related General License 13G, «Authorizing Certain Administrative Transactions Prohibited by Directive 4 under Executive Order 14024»; Russia-related General License 74, «Authorizing the Wind Down and Rejection of Transactions Involving East-West United Bank»; Russia-related General License 75 writes OFAC.

«Authorizing Certain Transactions Related to Debt or Equity of, or Derivative Contracts Involving, Certain Entities Blocked on November 2, 2023»; and Russia-related General License 76, «Authorizing the Wind Down of Transactions Involving Certain Entities Blocked on November 2, 2023.»