Russia Plans to Launch a Powerful Missile Attack on Ukraine in Severe Cold Conditions: Urgent Deliveries of Air Defense Is Necessary before the Disaster Happens

The missile attack on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure on November 23 led to a temporary blackout in Ukraine: in fact, as of December 4, its consequence were not eliminated completely. Apparently, Russia is increasing the intervals between missile strikes in order to accumulate more missiles for a particularly powerful strike. Putin wants to deprive Ukrainians not only of electricity, but also of heat supply: a collapse in heating networks during severe cold could lead to very serious consequences and plunge Ukraine into the cold.

Strikes on critical infrastructure are part of Russian military doctrine. Russian officials directly state that with the help of periodic missile strikes they want to exhaust power reserve and renewable energy of the Ukrainian energy system and achieve a complete blackout. The energy infrastructure of Ukraine is the only one in the world that has become the subject of such destruction. Despite everything, Ukrainian energy companies are eliminating the consequences of it and Russia in general has not yet achieved the set goal.

After November 23, Russia changed its tactics somewhat. The main focus is now on producing more missiles so that the next missile strike is more powerful. In Surovikin’s opinion, such a blow should be combined with cold weather. Thus, not only the energy system would be affected, but the heat supply of the entire country would be at risk. This plan is genocide in its essence: if Russia succeeds in such destruction, Ukraine may face the most difficult winter since 1945, tens of thousands of lives would be at risk. Putin has already rejected any conventions and does not hide that he wants only one thing: to seize Ukraine by any means.

Putin has carried out the actual Anschluss of Belarus: the Belarusian army, in fact, has become part of the Russian army. The second part of this plan is the occupation of Ukraine. The Russian army is critically depleted, but still has offensive potential, and is capable of being replenished with hundreds of thousands of mobilized troops. Ukraine critically needs the West’s assistence in order to survive this extremely difficult winter.

The Armed Forces deter the Russian army not only from occupying Ukraine, but also from destabilizing Europe. In fact, now in Ukraine is being decided how the world will look like at the end of this war. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in critical need of Western weapons: first of all, anti-missile defense and anti-aircraft defense in order to protect against Russian missiles, with which Putin wants to carry out a complete genocide of Ukrainians. Ukrainian cities need powerful electric generators, which could be an alternative source of heat, because a priori missile strikes will continue. The main guarantee is the supply of Western air defense and missile defense equipment, which actually became the guarantee of Ukraine’s survival at the current stage of the Russian-Ukrainian war.