Russia Is Systematically Turning Up the Heat in the World: Putin Has Sent the Admiral Gorshkov Frigate to Sail the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Claiming about Hypersonic Weapons on It

The launch of Gorshkov frigate with Zirkon missiles is convenient to discuss only in peacetime, that is not relevant now. Currently, the Russian Federation is involved in a full-scale conflict, and the demonstration of force in these conditions makes sense only in the composition of groups and formations of ships that have the appropriate combat stability and coherence.

No single surface ship, not even a cruiser, let alone a frigate, does not have such stability and much less coherence. In such conditions, Admiral Gorshkov new missile carrier will not be able to fully participate in support of the Russian operations in Ukraine.

In the question of the possible deployment of the Russian fleet anywhere outside the Russian borders, there is only one main problem for the Russian Navy: nothing to deploy. A one-time visit by a ship (and even a group) is possible, but maintaining a constant connection with projected combat capabilities is not. For this, the Russian fleet has not enough ships or the means to support them.

Moreover, now the Russian Navy has fewer funds and opportunities to deploy units in the offshore maritime and oceanic zone than it was, for example, in the late 2000s. The existing gap in the forces has increased. In the coming years, the situation will not improve, because on the basis of frigates, including such as Admiral Gorshkov, the core of such units is not formed. In fact, the Russian Navy has three and a half surface invalids in each fleet, with a stunning presence in the seas of detachments of 1-2 ships with a tug and a tanker.

Apart from these problems, Zirkons by themselves on Gorshkov frigate is not functional without the intelligence infrastructure and the corresponding targeting. Moreover, the Russian naval intelligence degraded most of all during the post-Soviet period.

Today, the Russian mass media are forced to publish the long-range sea voyage of Gorshkov with Zirkons as positive news “with no analogue”. In fact, it is no more than an attempt to describe the revival of the fleet on the example of the individual vessel, but not a ship connections as a whole. Meanwhile, Russia continues its provocative actions, such as the naval campaign of Admiral Gorshkov frigate, trying to increase the escalation of this war.

Under these conditions, the patners’ support of Ukraine must be strong. It is necessary to provide assistance to Ukraine as long as possible in an appropriate volume.

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