Russia is shelling the border territories of Ukraine, provoking casualties and destruction

During August 18-19, Russia significantly increased the number of shelling incidents in the border and front-line territories of Ukraine. Particularly strong shelling is taking place in the Sumy region — on August 19, 248 explosions were recorded there. The day before, as a result of the shelling of Kherson, a 72-year-old man sustained life-threatening injuries. Russia takes advantage of the geographical proximity of front-line settlements and uses a wide range of weapons to destroy civilian infrastructure and peaceful populations. For instance, in the populated areas of the south and east of Ukraine, Russians use artillery and multiple rocket launch systems (MLRS), while the border regions of the Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts are primarily shelled from mortars, as Russia has significant stockpiles of Soviet-produced shells for them.

The Russian army systematically shells the border territories of Ukraine, aiming to provoke panic among the civilian population and create an appearance of offensive actions. In addition to mortars, Russians also employ unguided aviation rockets launched from helicopters – on August 19 alone, 20 such rockets were used in the territory of the Bilopillia and Khotynska communities in the Sumy region.

Putin will continue to kill Ukrainians until he utilizes the arsenals of weapons that Russia still possesses in significant quantities from Soviet times. Russian shelling forces people to flee their homes, lose their livelihoods, and more. That’s why the Armed Forces of Ukraine must receive all the necessary weapons to create a powerful security belt near the Russian Federation and destroy the firing positions, some of which are located at distances of tens of kilometers – especially when it comes to artillery or MLRS. Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians, and the only way to prevent this crime is with modern Western weaponry.