Russia has launched more than 100 missiles on the thermal infrastructure of Ukraine

On December 5, Ukraine suffered another massive blow from the Russian troops. The main goal of the enemy is electricity and heat facilities that supply Ukrainians. The Kremlin deliberately chose these days — December 5-6 when a local peak frost is expected in Ukraine — for another massive attack on the Ukrainian energy system. According to experts, the timing of the Russian attack was connected with this, in order to turn off the Ukrainian energy system precisely during a cold snap, which, accordingly, would cause great damage to the system and cause discomfort and become an unsolved problem for civilian Ukrainians.

As you can see, the Kremlin’s methods remain cynical and unchanged during not only this aggression, but many centuries. Let us recall at least the terrible times of the artificial famine that occurred in the last century, 90 years ago. Then the Russians killed millions of Ukrainians by starvation, trying to break and erase their identity. Now, losing on the battlefield, the Kremlin is trying to repeat the same, resorting to torture with cold and using frost and winter as weapons. At a meeting of the UN Security Council on November 23, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield emphasized that Putin has decided to turn Ukraine’s energy facilities into ruins, and Putin’s motives could not be more transparent and cold-blooded — he is clearly using winter as a weapon to inflict great suffering on the Ukrainian people. The Kremlin also makes no secret of its cynical intentions. Thus, the representative of the Russian dictator Peskov previously admitted that Russia was destroying the Ukrainian energy infrastructure and wanted to leave Ukrainians without gas and electricity in the middle of winter in order to force to negotiations.

The full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine caused irreparable damage to the Ukrainian and world economy, tens of thousands of people died, and millions were forced to leave their homes. During the months of the war, the Russian Federation and its troops have destroyed, damaged, stolen or disfigured Ukrainian property worth hundreds of billions of dollars. So, as of September 30, 2022, the total amount of damage on the infrastructure of Ukraine, according to experts from the KSE Institute, is more than $127 billion. Taking into account regular massive airstrikes and attacks on energy infrastructure, this figure increases significantly every time after the attacks of the Russian Federation. The terrorist country of the Russian Federation is increasingly striving to destroy as many important infrastructure facilities as possible and intimidate Ukrainians even more. At the same time, the Ukrainian people continue to fight, remembering the lessons of history and not making concessions to the Russians. Doing this in winter conditions, of course, becomes more difficult. But the heroism of Ukrainians, together with the support of the civilized world, is able to stop Russian terror. The fact that more than 60 missiles launched by the enemy were shot down by the Ukrainian Defense Forces during the last massive attack speaks of positive and hopeful trends. Air defense systems will help save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians this winter, partners must provide in full the Armed Forces of Ukraine with it as soon as possible.