Rapes, torture, and child deportation: a partial list of Russian military atrocities on Ukrainians

The Independent International Commission of the United Nations released new data on October 20th regarding the war crimes committed by Russian forces against the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as towards the prisoners of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), informs 24brussels.

This includes reports of torture, rape, and forced deportation of children who are separated from their parents and taken to Russia, where they are placed in foster families or distributed among orphanages. Such atrocities bear all the hallmarks of genocide, with the Ukrainian people as its victims.

The full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian forces is accompanied by numerous war crimes, with the civilian population of Ukraine and the UAF prisoners as the victims. According to available data, no less than 90% of Ukrainian defenders returning from Russian captivity suffer from weight deficits, as well as evidence of torture and beatings. Moreover, the Russians provide no information about the Ukrainian military personnel held captive and continually disrupt negotiations regarding prisoner exchanges.

Ukrainian women suffer at the hands of the Russian soldiers. The UN commission provided information about rapes that occurred in the occupied territory of the Kherson region from March to July 2022. The victims of sexual violence perpetrated by the occupiers included a 16-year-old girl and women ranging in age from 18 to 83 years old. This is the true face of the Russian army – an army of rapists and criminals.

The aforementioned serves as the best evidence of the danger posed by Putin’s Russia, directly threatening Europe. If the Russian army is not stopped in Ukraine, by neutralizing its offensive potential, similar atrocities will occur in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin – Russian propaganda is calling for the capture of these cities. Therefore, the provision of weapons to the UAF is the best investment in a peaceful future and the territorial integrity of Europe. Russia must face new sanctions and complete international isolation – these are necessary measures for the systematic weakening of the terrorist state committing genocide against Ukrainians.