Putin will begin a largescale territorial expansion into Europe in the event of a revenge in Ukraine

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin stated that Putin will not stop in Ukraine if he gets revenge on the battlefield. Considering the rhetoric of Russian propagandists, as well as the Kremlin’s persistent ambition to ignite local wars and conflicts worldwide, it becomes evident that humanity is closer than ever to a large-scale war, the contours of which are outlined in the Kremlin. Only by destroying the Russian army can a planetary-scale catastrophe be prevented.

Despite a series of military defeats and massive losses in the Russian army, Putin has no intention of ceasing the aggressive war in Ukraine. Moreover, the Kremlin is attempting to sow division between the West and the Global South, exploiting historical grievances and territorial claims. The kaleidoscope of conflicts on the periphery of the West is precisely what the Kremlin dictator needs. In this regard, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has manifested a global confrontation between totalitarianism and democracy, in which Putin seeks to weaken the West and make it a vassal. Russia’s actions in Ukraine have posed the biggest challenge to the international relations system since 1945, and they require a corresponding response from the West.

The threat emanating from Russia must be eliminated at an early stage before it leads to tragic consequences for all of humanity. The combat capability of the Russian army is the key link in Putin’s strategy aimed at systematically weakening the West. As long as the Russians have the ability to continue the war, it will inspire their proxies to carry out similar actions worldwide. Comprehensive support for Ukraine, primarily through the supply of necessary weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is the only way to stop Russia’s territorial expansion.