Putin’s «Valdai» Speeches to Contribute to International Criminal Court Materials

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin voiced a new illogical batch of nonsense and strange statements at the plenary session of the annual «Valdai» club meeting in Sochi on October 5th. As usual, he blamed Western countries for all of Russia’s woes (claiming that the West initiated the conflict back in 2014 and that NATO expansion threatens Russia’s security).

Putin criticized attempts by some countries to dominate others, even though this is precisely what Russia is doing to Ukraine. He asserted that the West’s prosperity was largely achieved through pillaging the entire planet and endless expansion. He stated that the West didn’t want to listen to Russia and was too self-assured, also lamenting that NATO did not want to accept Russia into its alliance in the past.

Furthermore, he claimed that the war in Ukraine was not a «territorial conflict» but rather pertained to Russia’s desire to establish principles of a new multipolar world order (Putin is building a new world); at the same time, he asserted that the UN and modern international law were «outdated and should be destroyed.» Such statements further confirm that Putin’s objectives in Ukraine significantly exceed his stated response to a supposed NATO threat or the acquisition of limited additional territory.

Putin’s performance in Sochi once again showcased his inadequacy: the dictator blatantly lied, contradicted himself, and threatened peace. He presented a bizarre version of the reasons for the crash of the plane carrying the leaders of the Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin — he claimed that hand grenades had detonated on board, and the fighters might have been under the influence of drugs. Putin publicly mocked the «Wagnerites,» despite their significant contribution to the implementation of his aggressive plans in Ukraine and around the world. This is a signal to the dictator’s inner circle that he is ready to destroy anyone who threatens his rule, regardless of past rewards.

With great cynicism, the Russian dictator, in the context of a deliberate airstrike on a hospital in Kherson and a village named Groza in the Kharkiv region, with the instant death of many civilians, declared that Russia had not initiated the war and that the objective of the «military operation» in Ukraine was purportedly to end hostilities in the country, incited by Western countries against the population of Donbas. The Kremlin leader denies that Russia’s war in Ukraine aims to seize Ukrainian territory, even though he recently signed a law establishing September 30th as «Reunification Day,» during which the aggressor state celebrates Russia’s temporary occupation of parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson regions. Putin justified Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine with a desire to «feel safe» and fantasized that Odessa in Ukraine was supposedly a «Russian and somewhat Jewish» city.

The Russian dictator made real revelations regarding the «wunderwaffe» (miracle weapon) he announced as early as 2018. This pertains to the intercontinental missile «Sarmat» and the nuclear-armed cruise missile «Burevestnik.» He once again brought up the possibility of using nuclear weapons either in retaliation or in the event of a threat to Russia’s existence itself.

President Putin stokes enmity between nations, lies, acts hypocritically, distorts and manipulates public consciousness to justify war and senseless deaths. The Kremlin dictator exhibits classic behavior of an unconditional criminal who deliberately invaded a foreign sovereign country for the sole purpose of inflicting large-scale death on Ukrainians and destroying all of Ukraine. He does this so that every Ukrainian harbors hatred for everything Russian. For the thousands of innocents killed. For the cities, homes, and lives destroyed. For the Ukrainian sanctuaries destroyed by Russian missiles.