Putin’s Goal Is the Total Genocide of Ukrainians: Russian Missile Attacks on Ukrainian Infrastructure Are Intensifying, Russian War Crimes Surpass Those of the German Nazis

On November 23, the European Parliament recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. In response, Russian troops immediately fired on peaceful Ukrainian cities: 10 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. Three Ukrainian nuclear power plants temporarily stopped working: for the first time since February 24, such a large-scale nuclear threat arose that, without exaggeration, would have affected all of humanity. Putin’s terror is reaching an extremely unprecedented level: the issue of victory over Russia is relevant for the entire civilized world.

On November 23, Russia launched a missile attack on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. About 70 rockets were fired, of which 31 — on Kyiv. Most of the missiles were shot down by air defense systems, but a certain part of them hit the targets, which led to an energy collapse in the country. As of 18.00 on November 23, 80% of the territory of Ukraine was without electricity, work in hospitals, factories and plants actually stopped. All regional centers of Ukraine were without electricity. As of the morning of November 24, the situation remained difficult: about 50 % of the territory of Ukraine was partially or completely de-energized. The blow to Ukrainian critical infrastructure also affected Moldova: electricity was completely lost in Chisinau, which once again proves that Russia is a terrorist state, and now every civilized country is facing a threat from the Kremlin.

The Russian missile attack on Ukraine on November 23 coincided with the European Parliament’s recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and the beginning of typically cold winter in Ukraine. As expected, Putin stepped up missile strikes and a large number of simultaneously fired missiles really led to an energy crisis: an extremely difficult situation with electricity was accompanied by a lack of heat and water supply. Ukraine has plunged into darkness, and this is clear evidence that Russia is fighting exclusively against peaceful Ukrainians, and this war can be called genocide without exaggeration. In fact, Putin has set a clear goal for his army: to completely destroy Ukraine as a state if it cannot be captured. Russia has always used this tactic to leave no one or nothing in territory where its expansion has failed. Putin creates a complex crisis: by destroying the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, he makes the life unbearable for Ukrainians, stops the work of enterprises, medical institutions and the like, destroys the Ukrainian economy. The influx of Ukrainian refugees into the EU could provoke a social crisis in Europe. That is, Putin’s tactics are classic hybrid aggression, which has long gone beyond the borders of Ukraine and is an element of Russia’s war with the West.

Russia can only be stopped on a battlefield. There is no other solution than to destroy the Russian threat common to Ukraine and Europe on the battlefield. The Russian army must be weakened by undermining the Russian economy. Russia should be in complete isolation, like the DPRK. Russia cannot even be compared with Iran or Syria, because the scale of Putin’s aggression and its consequences affect everyone in one way or another. The West has been sponsoring the Russian economy for a long time, buying its energy resources, and these funds went to strengthening the Russian military machine. After all, the West has received a geopolitical monster that craves territorial expansion, while the territory of Russia itself is abandoned and in a state of decline.

Ukraine is only the first stage of Putin’s war: even now in Russia, the prerequisites are officially being created for the mobilization of absolutely everyone (!) who can be drafted, the economy is being transferred to a military footing, and Russian propaganda is gradually starting to promote the narrative that war with the West is inevitable. Also, the Kremlin does not hide the fact that the purpose of the missile strikes is the destruction of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, and Russian propagandists call on the air to kill Ukrainians. In fact, Russia is conducting a blatand genocide of Ukrainians: Putin wants to seize Ukraine, destroy or expel disloyal Ukrainians, and turn the rest into obedient slaves and deport them to Siberia, as in Stalin’s times, and populate Ukrainian territories with Russians. The most bloody and unprecedented crime in the 21st century is taking place, and the West has no right to remain silent. Putin has planned indefinite aggression, the Russian military-industrial complex is producing weapons 24/7, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a challenge to the entire West. From the point of view of political science, Russia’s actions are an attempt to change and completely rewrite the existing world order, in which there will be no place for freedom and democracy, and all those who are against it must be physically destroyed. This is called “legalized genocide”, which is not officially voiced. If the West allows Putin to do this, his aggression can go on forever, even after leaving the presidency. Now the groundwork for the creation of a future political force in Russia are being laid that would be even more radical and aggressive. The expansion of adjacent territories would become official policy on a cult level. It is possible to draw absolutely logical parallels between Russia and the Third Reich, because the system that is now actually formed by the Kremlin is the Russian version of Nazism, backed up by nuclear weapons and resource potential. There is very little time left to stop Russia. If it manages to adapt her economy to military realities, mobilize and accumulate the necessary amount of weapons, it will destroy everyone it wants, and this is a priori the entire West.

The supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, air defense and missile defense to protect Ukraine from missile strikes should become a military component of countering Russia and destroy the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. Politically and economically, Russia must be completely isolated, the West must impose all possible sanctions against the Kremlin and break off diplomatic relations with it, and also impose sanctions against all allies of Russia. This is not an exaggeration, but a matter of the survival of all mankind.