Putin is provoking a humanitarian disaster in Ukraine: Russia must be held accountable for every crime committed against the civilian population

This war raging in Ukraine marks the epic struggle between the civilized world and the dark, medieval despotism, embodied by Putin’s Russia. They came to the Ukrainian land to kill destroy. It is now clear that Putin cannot seize Ukraine by force as his army has completely discredited itself, losing to modern-day tactics and Western weapons. At the same time, Russian soldiers have demonstrated considerable skills in looting, as well as shooting and raping civilians.

Putin vents his anger on civilians by launching massive missile and drone strikes, thus provoking an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. It is because of Putin’s tactics, millions of children have been deprived of access to education, which jeopardizes their future. The war in Ukraine will go down in history books as an unprecedented crime against the civilian population.

The number of Russian crimes in Ukraine is constantly increasing as all areas of the economy are experiencing destruction, massive losses in energy and industry. Power outages make the effective educational process in schools and universities practically impossible: more than 5 million schoolchildren and students are to one degree or another prevented from receiving knowledge properly. This is a crime against humanity, which in no way affected Ukraine’s defense capability while making the lives of civilians unbearable. In fact, Putin is at war not with the Ukrainian army, but with the Ukrainians themselves. Echoing the narratives of his criminal propaganda, he brands the process of annihilating Ukraine as «liberation.» This is the criminal essence of Russia and the «Russian world» concept – Putin has created a society with a perverted worldview and false values. These people are ready to kill when their leader tells them. Any kind of peace or “understanding” with Russia is impossible as suche: neither Putin nor the Russians simply grasp the scale of their inadequacy, and the only way to eliminate the threat that looms over Ukraine and, in fact, over the whole of Europe is to comprehensively exhaust Russia. All possible sanctions must be introduced, the EU must completely drop any supplies of Russian goods, while sending Western weapons to the Ukrainian army is the only possible way to stop the Russian forces, which are currently rearming and preparing for a dramatic escalation.