Putin Has Legalized Looting and Mass Deportation of the Civilian Population from the Occupied Territories of Ukraine

The RF’s State Duma Committee has adopted amendments to the martial law legislation and introduced them in the occupied territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of Ukraine. According to these amendments, the Russians will be able to hold elections and take out the civilian population from the these Ukrainian territories to the Russian Federation. Russia is suffering a tangible defeat in the war of conquest launched by Putin. Realizing that retreat is inevitable, the Russians have received official permission to plunder Ukrainian lands and deport Ukrainians to Siberia to improve the demographic situation in Russia.

The Russians use severe terror and comprehensive censorship in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Civilian Ukrainians are massively arrested, interrogated and tortured. They forcibly seize property and funds from entrepreneurs, which looks like a banal racketeering and extortion. After the start of a full-scale invasion, at least 19.5 thousand Ukrainian children were forcibly taken to the Russian Federation. This criminal practice became the main reason of an arrest warrant against Putin by the ICC in The Hague. The exact number of deported little Ukrainians will be known only after the war, because the Russians hide any information. As a rule, the names and surnames of kidnapped children are changed in order to complicate the search of children.

The aforementioned amendments to the martial law are aimed at intensifying terror against Ukrainians, because now the Russians have an opportunity to organize the mass deportation of Ukrainians to Siberia, and increase repression in the occupied territories. Any Ukrainian, regardless of gender or age, can be detained for 30 days, followed by interrogation and torture, for any anti-Russian sentiments or violations of rules set by the invaders. In the 21st century, Putin unleashed a war of conquest, combined with ethnic cleansing, the deportation of thousands of Ukrainians, the looting of cities with further export of raw materials, resources and equipment. All this is happening today in Europe.

If Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, it will commit similar crimes in the EU. The misanthropic system created by Putin does not have the option of “moving in the opposite direction.” Despite the significant depletion of the Russian army, the absolute inability to change the course of hostilities in its favor and the supply of Russian troops with weapons from the Second World War, Putin does not stop, but only intensifies terror in the occupied territories, and missile attacks on Ukrainian cities. Negotiations with the Kremlin are meaningless: in order to avoid a global catastrophe, humanity must stop the dictator. The Russian army must be defeated quickly at the expense of unacceptable losses, with the help of high-tech Western weapons. This is the only way to stop Russian killers in uniform and prevent the tragedy that is looming up in Europe.