Putin Gives Direct Orders to Kill the Civilians in Ukraine: All Russian War Criminals Must Be Brought to Justice at the Hague Tribunal

Putin unleashed the largest genocide against the civilian population of a sovereign country since the end of World War II. In fact, all the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine after its invasion on February 24 were manifestations of war crimes, among which genocide on national grounds is the most tragic fact. Russia is carrying out ethnic cleansing in Ukraine, following the example of Serbian war criminals, who in 1992-1995 committed the genocide of Bosniaks, Croats, and Kosovars based on their national identity. Every country in the world, every city, the smallest settlement should know about the crime against humanity that Putin wants to commit. He and his entourage are war criminals and must be punished in accordance with international law.

Putin caused innumerable troubles for the Ukrainian people: tens of thousands of civilians died due to the Russian military invasion, the invaders killed more than 25 thousand civilians in Mariupol alone, the Ukrainian economy may shrink by 50 % if the missile attacks continue, and the flow of refugees from Ukraine may exceed 10 million people. Also, Russia caused damage to Ukrainian infrastructure in the amount of more than $150 billion and this figure is constantly increasing. In fact, Russia is ruining Ukraine and trying to destroy all its potential: economic, demographic, scientific, etc.

Putin and his entourage are an analogue of the Nazi war criminals who appeared before the Tribunal after the end of the Second World War. It is expected that high-level officials, Putin’s close entourage will start fleeing Russia soon enough, because in case of a complete collapse of Russia, Putin will try to put the blame for crimes in Ukraine on everyone he can. Russian propaganda is already beginning to reproduce narratives about “collective responsibility” and that “everyone will face The Hague Tribunal.” The West must not to let the Russian war criminals go, because they profess the misanthropic policy.

The Russian army is carrying out ethnic cleansing in Ukraine, this is Putin’s direct order. The whole world must understand the horror of the situation in Ukraine: the Kremlin dictator wants the complete destruction of Ukrainians, their deportation from the territory of Ukraine. Those who remain will be turned into rightless slaves and sent to Siberia, etc. This is a worse option of return to the dark Stalinist times. And this is what Putin is pursuing by all means: the triumph of dictatorship over freedom and democracy. Ukraine has already destroyed a number of myths cultivated by Soviet propaganda, in particular, that Russians are “sensitive, fair, selected”. Everyone realized how evil Russia is, especially if it is ruled by a madman. The current Kremlin’s regime cannot be compared with any other in modern history, except for Stalin’s and Hitler’s ones. Putin has invaded a sovereign state and is killing civilians solely because they are Ukrainians. Is this not a manifestation of Nazism in the 21st century?

The more help Ukraine receives from the West, first of all, the necessary weapons, the faster its victory will come. There can be no doubt about this: the global challenge created by Putin is aimed at the destruction of Western civilization as such. Russian hybrid aggression is becoming more and more apparent in various European countries, step by step. Putin is gradually raising the stakes, hoping that the West will not dare to take more decisive action. There can be no delay in the fight against the dictator: Putin’s army must be destroyed in Ukraine, it is a matter of the survival of all progressive humanity.