Preparing for an invasion? Russia demanded reparations from Poland and expressed territorial claims

On May 21, State Duma Speaker Volodin published a post on his personal telegram channel in which he expressed territorial claims against Poland, noting that a third of its current territory appeared thanks to Russia. The politician also demanded reparations from Warsaw for the restoration work carried out by the USSR in Poland after 1945. According to Volodin, the approximate cost of all the facilities built by the Soviet Union is about $750 billion. Russia has once again confirmed that it is a threat to Europe: if Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, he will transfer the war to the territory of the EU countries.

The territorial appetites of the Kremlin have long been the main pillar of the existence of Russia, which in most cases was the initiator of wars of conquest, and on February 24, 2022, Putin launched the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945. Despite the defeats, Putin is not going to retreat, therefore, not a single country located near the Russian Federation can feel safe. On May 18, Prime Minister of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak announced the operational re-equipment of the Polish army, which is taking place as a result of the war in Ukraine. In addition, officials of Volodin’s level cannot voice groundless judgments — his post in the telegram indicates that the threat from Russia to Europe has not disappeared, the only question is the availability of sufficient military resources. Therefore, the possibility of the Russian army invading the Baltic countries or Poland is not an exaggeration, which means that Russia must be defeated in Ukraine and as soon as possible.