New Сrimes of the Russian Federation Against Humanity in Ukraine: Facts and Evidence

The Russian army continues to commit war crimes in Ukraine. The less success at the front, the more brutally they treat both prisoners of war and civilians in the occupied territories. Those cities that are not under Russian control are subjected to massive missile attacks, as a result of which civilians are killed and civilian infrastructure is destroyed.

Only in the last few days, the Russian army has carried out unprecedented shelling of civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in Avdiivka, Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk and other settlements in the Donetsk region. The UN estimates that Russia has killed at least 8,173 people and wounded at least 13,620 Ukrainian civilians.

The UN was able to confirm another 589 civilian casualties in February 2023. One hundred thirty-eight of them were killed, 451 were injured. To date, 21,793 people have been killed or injured due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is only officially confirmed data among the civilian population. Among the dead were 3,642 men, 2,149 women, 258 boys, 203 girls. The sex of 31 children and 1,908 adults could not be determined. In addition, 968 children were injured. In addition to killing civilians, the Russian army mocks and shoots Ukrainian prisoners of war. Commonplace is the torture of starvation of captured Ukrainian soldiers, who are kept without food for months. It is also known for hundreds of cases when prisoners were simply shot, filming the process on camera just for fun.

Russian soldiers rob, torture and kill civilians, rape, abuse, starve and kill Ukrainian prisoners of war. The entire civilized world must unite against a country and a regime that kills innocent people. The Ukrainian army must receive the best weapons, heavy equipment and air defense/missile defense systems in order to stop the atrocities of Russia and return the illegally occupied territories.


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