Lavrov is threatening the Pentagon. This time, Russia is blaming U.S. of plotting attempt on Putin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States allegedly threatened to inflict a «decapitation» blow on the Kremlin, which, in his opinion, could mean physical elimination of Vladimir Putin. The Russian minister made such a statement in an interview with TASS, where he claimed that “Washington went lengths” when they allegedly hinted at the threat of the physical elimination of the head of the Russian state. Lavrov openly threatened the consequences for which the Kremlin is ready. Lavrov did not specify who and what exactly he means, but Russian media report that at the end of September an article was published by Newsweek, in which the authors, citing military sources, said that the United States was looking into possible responses to Russia’s use of nuclear arms. Among them was a «decapitating blow» against the Kremlin if such a decision was made.

The Kremlin has traditionally used its favorite tool of threats and blackmail, playing to raise the stakes in any direction: be it gas or nuclear blackmail. The principle remains the same – the situation is escalated to the maximum in order to intimidate and compel the adversary to start negotiations from a position of strength and under conditions that would suit Moscow. The Russian Federation is pursuing nuclear blackmail of the whole world in order to force Ukraine to agree to a truce with Russia on terms favorable for Moscow. Thus, the Kremlin actually recognizes that it’s impossible for them to achieve at least some major success in military operations against Ukraine. Recall that earlier Putin announced the growing threat of nuclear war. But Russia, he said, would not be the first to use such weapons. Putin also pledged to further develop Russia’s nuclear triad as «a guarantee of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.»

Everyone understands that the Russian army has lost this war, while its military potential as of February 2022 can’t be restored. However, the Kremlin is trying to look for some solutions and loopholes. And people around the Kremlin, including Lavrov, are imitating diligent efforts to this end. It is obvious that the Russians, led by Putin, are not going to stop their bloody games, but go on, trying to convince themselves and the rest of the world of their own might and rightfulness, declaring new goals and voicing new threats. Hidden mobilization, closed borders, a sharp decline in living standards, martial law, and a complete loss of international reputation – these were the consequences of the war unleashed by Putin for his country. Russia already has more than 100,000 KIAs as covert mobilization and recruitment of mercenaries continues. This means that these figures will grow, inevitably leading to further decline and degradation of the country and its society. Western sanctions, which the Russian leadership and some residents treat with certain bravado, will have a really strong impact in the medium and long term. Simply put, the poor will become beggars, while beggars will cross the line beyond which no survival is possible. For everything that terrorist state No. 1 is doing today, the final cost will be paid by ordinary Russians, not by those occupying Kremlin offices, who unleashed the war in the first placel. But such false and manipulative statements and opuses by Russian top officials, be it historical, geographical aspects or lies about the alleged assassination threat to the Russian leader, are designed exclusively for domestic consumption, so to speak, to raise the spirit of Russians, whom Putin and his entourage continue to draw in on their bloody adventure. And it’s not only Russians, but the whole world, that is faced by nuclear terrorism sponsored by a nuclear power. This, perhaps, is certainly enough to finally put the Russian Federation on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Russia could trigger the biggest nuclear disaster in history, and the sooner they are stopped, the sooner Europe and the world will feel safe again. To this end, it is necessary to further strengthen sanctions against Russia and not allow them to be circumvented.

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