Innocent People Died as a Result of Another Missile Attack

Russia has constantly resorted to shelling of Ukrainian cities, on the eve of important decisions regarding Ukraine. This time was no exception. Immediately after the decision to transfer the Leopard and Abrams tanks to the Ukrainian army, the Russian army began shelling the entire territory of Ukraine.

From the night of January 25, 2023, the Russian army began to terrorize Ukrainian cities. A night attack by 24 Iranian kamikaze drones, which were shot down by air defense forces, was replaced by missile strikes in the morning. However, there is information about damage to civil infrastructure facilities, private and multi storey buildings, and residents’ cars. These are mostly broken windows, damaged roofs and facades. An energy object is also damaged. Russian troops purposefully attack the critical infrastructure of cities to deprive people of light, communication and water. The most difficult situation with electricity is currently in Kyiv, Odesa and Vinnytsia regions. In the morning, about 20 missiles of various types were spotted in the airspace of Kyiv, fortunately all aerial targets were destroyed. Unfortunately, there are victims among the civilian population. A 55-year-old man died as a result of the fall of rocket parts. Two more were injured and hospitalized.

For now, it is known that Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 47 missiles out of 55 launched. Such a high result was achieved thanks to the professionalism of the Ukrainian military and the supply of Western air defense systems.

For almost a year now, Ukraine has been bravely fighting against the world’s number 1 terrorist country — the Russian Federation. During this time, Ukrainians experienced a lot of suffering; now it is time to stop this. The countries of the entire civilized world should provide Ukraine with the best samples of weapons to show Vladimir Putin that no one has the right to attack independent countries and capture their territories. Prompt delivery of tanks will help to counterattack the Russian invaders on the captured territories of Ukraine.

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