Immortal regiment of nazi Russia 

On May 9, marches of the “immortal regiment” are planned in Russia and in the occupied territories of Ukraine, simultaneously with the ongoing full-scale war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. 

Russia has become a Rushist Reich and brang misanthropic ideology and lies to the level of state policy. The procession of the “immortal regiment” is an analogue of Nazi paraphernalia. 

Putin has gathered a lot of dead soldiers in Ukraine for a new “immortal regiment”: over 24 thousand dead in 2.5 months of the war. Putin’s “immortal regiment” is a shameful page of modern Russia, which invades neighboring states in order to capture, kill and destroy.

The so-called “march” will be attended by small children — a primordially totalitarian element, just as in Nazi Germany, children and teenagers took part in events praising the Fuhrer. 

Putin’s “Yunarmiya” is an analogue of Hitler’s “Hitler Youth”, they participate not only in processions, but in the future they can be thrown to the front. 

The symbol Z is an indicator of the neo-Nazi essence of Putin’s Russia, like a Hitler’s Germany. This sign is an analogue of the Nazi swastika, which should serve as a tool for rallying the Russians influenced by propaganda around the obviously criminal and misanthropic ideology of modern Russia. 

The march of the “immortal regiment” is an important element of propaganda widely practiced in the Russian Federation for the sake of creating a society that is not able to accept alternative ideas, just like in the Third Reich, Goebbels’ propaganda penetrated the minds and souls of the Germans.

Anti-Ukrainian and anti-Western propaganda in the Russian Federation has reached such a level that the Russians, deprived of the opportunity to think critically, want only one thing — to destroy Ukraine, which supposedly “threatens” Russia.

Putin has created a “hate society” in the “prison of peoples” that is modern Russia. Thus, apart from the march of regiments, the Kremlin dictator has nothing to offer his people. 

Putin’s desire to march the “immortal regiment” in Europe is a shameful attempt to infect Western civilization with Russian Nazism.

The actual genocide of Ukrainians on a national basis, carried out by the Russian Nazis in Ukraine, is similar to how the German Nazis killed Jews during the Second World War. 

The march of the “immortal regiment” in the EU is the first step towards bringing the Rushist ideology to the West. Putin wants to create in Europe the effect of complicity in his criminal ideology. 

Continuing the war with Ukraine, Russia has no moral right to carry out such events, because it behaves like a Nazi state, killing civilians in order to please its Fuhrer, namely Putin. 

Today, the Russian-Nazi army reproduces crimes against humanity in the war with Ukraine, hiding behind the memory of the Second World War. 

There is a phrase, the author of which is often said to be W. Churchill: “Nazis of the future will call themselves anti-Nazis.” Putin’s Russia uses Nazi clichés and presents itself as a victim. Thus, the Kremlin justifies the invasion of Ukraine, which brought disaster and incalculable damage to the Ukrainian people.

Russian Nazism is an absolutely new phenomenon in international politics: never before has the world faced such a hidden, but obvious danger, threatening to completely destroy the existing system of international relations. 

Russia develops among its people a desire to destroy everyone who expresses any alternative opinion about current events, the procession of the “immortal regiment” is an important element of psychotechnics, creating an illusion of importance and superiority in those participating. 

The indoctrination of the younger generation in Russia is analogous to the creation of the Nazi “Hitler Youth”, sent by Hitler to die at the most hopeless stage of the Second World War. 

Rushism is Putin’s creation, which surpassed the Nazi ideology of the Third Reich in terms of cynicism and universal evil.