«Genocide is a God-pleasing affair»: the Russian Orthodox Church justifies the killing of Ukrainians

On Russian propaganda television, they justify the murders of Ukrainians with might and main. In particular, the Orthodox TV channel «Spas» discussed the genocide of peoples, which is allegedly a charitable deed, and the rulers have the right to exterminate entire nations.   

Many people know that the Russian authorities use the Orthodox Church to propagate their aggressive policy and war against Ukraine. The ROC, in turn, through its structures and individuals on the territory of Ukraine, spreads the ideology of the Russian world, justifies Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the death of civilians. Therefore, today the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church are not religious, but exclusively political in nature and are aimed at the implementation of the genocidal policy of the Russian Federation. Officials of the Russian Orthodox Church constantly call on their believers to join the ranks of Russian army units and go to destroy the Ukrainian people.

The main mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine is to prevent Ukrainians from being a nation, and Ukraine from being a state through the efforts of the UOC MP, as a representative of the interests of Russian Orthodoxy in Ukrainian society. Under the banner of «Russian peace», which is lobbied by the Moscow Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Federation wants to regain the territories lost with the collapse of the USSR, in particular Ukraine.

«Russian Peace» is an ideology of war that presents aggression as peacemaking, portrays the aggressor as a victim, and the victim as an aggressor. This ideology, which justifies violence, murder, wars and genocide, is the spiritual and moral mission of modern Russia.

The Russian Orthodox Church is a religious unit of the Federal Security Service. This is a big challenge for the Orthodox churches in the world, and they must already determine at their own level that the Russian Orthodox Church has nothing to do with Orthodoxy. It is a dangerous sect that preaches genocide and crimes against humanity. Patriarch Kirill is as much a war criminal as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Orthodox Church has long ceased to be a church that professes faith in Christ, instead it has become a bloody sect of admirers of the Russian dictator. The Moscow Patriarch must appear before the «international church tribunal». It is necessary to initiate the issue of introducing sanctions against the Russian Orthodox Church at the international level, since its involvement in the war and mass murders in Ukraine is undeniable.