Future partner of Putin?

In the West, new names are emerging in the ranks of agents of Russian influence. One of the potential candidates for the US presidency from the Republican Party, Vivek Ramaswamy, made a very peculiar statement about how to end the war in Ukraine writes latviatoday.

Dubbed the «younger version of Trump,» Vivek Ramaswamy stated that the US should obtain «significant concessions» from Ukraine to put an end to the Russian invasion and allow for a more focused confrontation with China. In the event of winning the presidency, he intends to visit Moscow and recognize Russia’s control over the «new regions.» Ramaswamy is known for his admiration for Trump and warm feelings toward Russia. He does not support backing Ukraine and believes that the alliance between Russia and China poses the greatest threat to Washington. Ramaswamy is the only Republican candidate opposing Ukraine’s NATO membership and supporting the idea of territorial concessions to Russia.

In the event of his victory in the elections, this self-proclaimed political outsider has promised to offer Putin a deal that would «freeze the war on the current lines of control.» Ramaswamy stated that, if elected president, he would propose to cease hostilities and allow Russia to retain the Ukrainian territories it effectively controls. Additionally, he promises to lift sanctions, reintegrate Russia into the global market, and block potential Ukrainian entry into NATO. In return, Russia would be required to sever its military alliance with China.

Ramaswamy’s statements exemplify extreme populism, sharply contradicting the current US strategy and American national interests. Apart from the far-right flank of the Republicans and isolationist Trumpists, the Republican Party supports Ukraine, as does American society. Ramaswamy’s position on Ukraine and Russia puts him in the minority among politicians; he faces criticism even within his own party, while leading Republicans and Democrats assert that the Russian invasion should not succeed to maintain stability in Europe.

The true goal of the war initiated by Putin is not a few additional regions of Ukraine but the strategic defeat of the West and the imposition of an authoritarian order on the world. The more chaos, the more bloodshed — the better from the perspective of the ideology of the Putinist world. Putin dreams of a new world order, aligning with North Korea and Iran as allies.

Ukraine desperately resists Russian aggression, and the more desperate the resistance of the Ukrainians, the more voices call for compromise. Russia has repeatedly employed the rhetoric of «forcing peace.»

Russian propaganda enthusiastically applauds Vivek Ramaswamy, ready to «trade» the territories of a foreign state. But such «peacemakers» must understand that any communication with terrorists is a form of collaboration with them. Today, Russia has elevated terrorism to the rank of state policy, coming under absolutely hypocritical pretexts to Ukrainian soil and scorching everything living in its path. The Kremlin geopolitical strategist has imagined that conquering the territories of independent countries with impunity and creating its own world order is possible. Ukraine was the first to bear the brunt. Today, it defends its right to exist and pays a very high price to make the world cleaner and safer, essentially acting as a barrier against the Russian horde.

Legalizing the consequences of Russian lawlessness against Ukraine is a disregard for the fundamental principles of international relations and global security. And those who advocate appeasing aggressors and terrorists may soon find themselves face to face with them and become victims of their shortsightedness. After all, if a sadist who relishes the suffering of the victim is not stopped, he will prevail and impose his own rules of the game on the entire world. It is necessary to stop this in the name of the entire world.