Due to losses in Ukraine Russia is forced to suspend arms supplies to African countries

From July 24 to 27, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is on a big tour of African countries. Mr. Lavrov’s trip includes meetings with senior officials from Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of the Congo. The main tasks of the Russian official are attempts to circumvent sanctions, intensify the information war, create the appearance of an anti-Western coalition, and also warn Russia’s African partners about the need to temporarily delay the supply of weapons under previously signed contracts. 

According to international experts, Russia has already engaged 85% of its military potential in Ukraine. Since the Ukrainian military has reached a high level of professionalism in the use of weapons supplied by the West, the Russian army suffers huge losses, both in manpower and in military equipment. To date, the armed forces of Ukraine have destroyed about 50 warehouses of equipment and ammunition of the Russian army using the HIMARS MLRS alone. By the morning of July 27, Russia’s total combat losses reached 40 100 people, 222 planes, 190 helicopters, 1738 tanks and 3971 armored vehicles and other equipment, including command posts, air defense facilities, communication centers and long-range artillery positions. All this is forcing the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation to work in an enhanced mode, and the supply of weapons under previously signed contracts has to be temporarily suspended. Mr. Lavrov is informing about this in his trips to African countries.

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Western weapons delivered to Ukraine are effectively used in the fight against Russian invaders. But this equipment is still not enough to defeat the Russian army. So it is necessary to increase the supply of modern artillery, air defense, and heavy military equipment. Russia understands only the language of force. Only huge losses will force Vladimir Putin to sit down at the negotiating table and end the chaos he has created in the world.