Crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine 25.06.2022

Last night and this morning, massive missile launches were recorded in Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, as well as increased activity of the Russian Aerospace Forces from Belarusian air bases. According to available information. The missiles were launched 50-60 km from the border with Ukraine. The bombers flew from the airport to the Russian Federation, through the Kaluga and Smolensk regions entered the airspace of Belarus, launched missiles and returned to Russia again. 6 Tu-22M3 aircraft were involved, which launched Х-22 cruise missiles. This is the first case of an air strike on Ukraine directly from the territory of Belarus. In total, more than 50 missiles were fired.

Today, starting at 4:15 am, about 30 rockets hit military facilities in the suburbs of the Zhytomyr region. As a result, a soldier died, another person was injured. Destruction of military infrastructure was also recorded. As a result of the night shelling of the city of Zelenodolsk, Dnepropetrovsk region, a 60-year-old woman was injured. In the Yavoriv region in the Lviv region, the enemy fired 4 rockets at a military facility.

Two missile strikes were on the city of Sarny, Rivne region. The missiles hit a car wash service station and another car repair facility, leaving three dead and four seriously injured. There may still be people under the rubble. Search work continues.

20 rockets were fired at the village of Desna in the Chernihiv region this morning. Infrastructure facilities were destroyed, preliminarily without casualties. Also, the Russians destroyed a monument to the heroes of World War 2 with the faces of soldiers and the history of their war at the front.

Lisichansk was also hit by an air strike, and Severodonetsk suffered from artillery. In particular, the villages of Sinetsky and Pavlograd, the territory of the Severodonetsk’s «Azot» and «Fiberglass» plants. Volcheyarovka, Belogorovka and Loskutovka were also shelled. Yesterday in Lisichansk, the body of a man with no signs of life, who came under enemy fire, was found. A family of three people, who were injured on Thursday, was taken to the Dnipro hospital. Among them are children born in 2012 and 2016.

On the night of June 24-25, the invaders shelled the Donetsk region at night. Eight times during the night, the Russians fired on the Maryinsky community and a residential building was damagedin Krasnogorovka. A medical facility and the central part of the city were shelled by Russians in Avdiivka. According to preliminary information, there are no victims. In the Selidov community, the Russians shelled Ukrainsk — no casualties, the number of destruction is being specified. In the Kurakhovsky community Russians hit a local thermal power plant, but the damage did not affect the operation of the enterprise. An agricultural enterprise in Ivanovka was destroyed in the Grodovskaya community. There were no casualties. The Russians were actively shooting at the Bakhmut, Toretsk, Soledar and Svetlodar communitiesthe, Bakhmut region. While it is known about 1 dead and 2 wounded in Bakhmut, the amount of damage is being established.

The enemy fired at the Sumy region again today. Almost at noon, two Russian helicopters, without flying into the territory of Ukraine, fired 6 missiles at one of the villages in the Krasnopol community. As a result, civilian infrastructure. inqluding a hospital, a cultural center, a library, a school, were destroyed and damaged. The enemy also dropped two munitions onto the territory of this community from an unmanned aerial vehicle. In all cases, fortunately, there were no casualties.

In Nikolaev, the civil infrastructure of the city, state enterprises and an educational institution suffered. Glass was shattered in the last explosion.

A landfill is on fire in occupied Mariupol. Poisonous smog covered the Primorsky district. The fire broke out at a mothballed landfill on Flotskaya Street. The fire at the landfill is the result of the chaotic and illiterate actions of the invaders. It leads to the release of many chemical poisons into the atmosphere, which are inhaled by thousands of residents.

The consequences can be catastrophic. People can be poisoned by dangerous substances. At the same time, the invaders, having destroyed all the equipment, can neither localize nor eliminate the fire. If this is not done in time, the fire will enter the «body» of the landfill and it will be almost impossible to extinguish it, which will lead to an environmental disaster. This is absolute cynicism and bullying of civilians, their lives and health are in danger.