Crimes Commiting in Ukraine Deprive Russia the Right to Be a Member of the UN Security Council

On December 26, Ukraine officially raised the issue of depriving Russia of the UN Security Council’s membership. The West should be united around Ukraine and provide all kinds of support, including increasing political isolation of the Kremlin. It is no secret that Putin uses the UN Security Council as a lobbying tool for Russian interests, which are always at odds with the interests of the civilized world. Russia’s one-man dictatorship must be ended.

Russia is a terrorist state that is at war exclusively with the civilian population of Ukraine. Its army commits genocide on a national basis and has brought a lot of grief to the Ukrainian people. According to unofficial data, in Mariupol alone, the Russians could have killed more than 87,000 civilians who were not allowed to evacuate. The estimated economic damage caused by Russia to Ukraine is more than $150 billion and this figure is constantly growing. Ukraine has lost half of its GDP as a result of the Russian invasion. Russia is progressively destroying Ukraine and must be punished for it. More than 12 million Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, about 7 million of them in the EU. Russia caused a terrible demographic crisis in Ukraine due to a migration tsunami and tens of thousands of civilians killed. Russian officials do not hide that Russia’s goal is the complete destruction of Ukraine. According to them, Ukraine threatens Russia “with its very existence.” Even the Third Reich did not use such a misanthropic rhetoric.

Russia should be immediately expelled from the UN Security Council. It only uses membership in the organization to lobby its anti-democratic interests, or to veto issues that does not suit it. In fact, Russia alone can block the adoption of those decisions that interfere with its aggressive policy. The civilized world cannot allow this and Russian tyranny must be stopped.

Ukraine needs complex support — material and political. The supply of the necessary weapons for the Armed Forces is a contribution to the peaceful future of Europe. At the political level, Russia must be completely isolated. This is not an exaggeration, but an axiom necessary for the final victory over the territorial expansion of the Kremlin.