Challenger-2 tanks are a contribution to Ukraine’s victory over the Russian invaders

On January 9, it was announced in Great Britain that the possibility of providing Ukraine with Challenger-2 tanks was being considered. This is a very optimistic signal and proof that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have proven their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Britain’s decision on the possible supply of Challenger-2 tanks to Ukraine is a very good signal, because it took place shortly after France’s decision to supply Ukraine with light tanks, and the US promised a batch of infantry fighting vehicles. Therefore, it is likely that more and more countries will provide Ukraine with the necessary assistance, and this will become a decisive contribution to the victory over Russia. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have proven their effectiveness on the battlefield. In fact, the Russian army did not achieve any of the goals set at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and was forced to retreat in 7 of the 9 directions along which it was attacking. It fought with outdated, archaic methods, in fact — from the time of the Second World War. In contrast, the Ukrainian army turned out to be modern and mobile, effectively using the «thousands of small cuts» tactic, bleeding the Russian troops.

Russian weapons are absolutely uncompetitive compared to their Western counterparts. Russia is decommissioning obsolete equipment, such as T-62 tanks. Some mobilized are armed with rifles of the 19th century. The so-called «second army» of the world has not been able to seize capture Bakhmut, a small town in Donetsk region, for six months. Russia’s territorial grabs in Ukraine during the full-scale invasion took place mostly within the first ten days of the war and were due to the surprise effect: no one believed that Russia would start such a bloody war.

Russia reacted very painfully to the provision of modern tanks to Ukraine, because its tanks are absolutely not competitive compared to their Western counterparts. Russia is using all possible levers of influence to prevent Ukraine from receiving high-quality weapons, and this eloquently indicates that the West is on the right track. In fact, with the help of NATO weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could destroy the Russian army in 2 weeks. Ukraine is in great need of help with Western weapons. Now the fate of the West is being decided in Ukraine, because Russian tyranny cannot be allowed to win. Challenger-2 tanks are a worthy contribution