By shooting down an American drone over the Black Sea, Russia is moving the military conflict beyond the borders of Ukraine

The ex-president and deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev threatened the USA with subsequent attacks by Russia on any aircraft that will move near the Russian borders. In this way, he spoke about Russia’s illegal shooting down of the American MQ-9 Reaper UAV in neutral international airspace over the Black Sea. 

Medvedev called the zone where the American drone was shot down «Russian territory» and said that «no one will stand on ceremony with the Americans now.» At the same time, he threatened US Senator Lindsey Graham with physical violence for his criticism regarding the White House’s insufficiently decisive response to the incident in the Black Sea.

It is noteworthy that the Russian authorities even presented pilots who attacked the MQ-9 in neutral space for awards.  Therefore, the decision to attack an American UAV in international airspace indicates the Kremlin’s intention to constantly escalate the situation.

Putin already considers the Black Sea, as well as the Sea of Azov, as his inland water area, which speaks of his serious imperial ambitions, not limited to Ukraine alone and the intention to scale the conflict, involving more and more countries in it.

The Russian threat looms over the whole of Europe. The cautious policy of the West to appease the Russian aggressor has finally failed. The latest attack on an American drone is further proof that Putin is ready to escalate, believing he can get away with anything.

As Russia mobilizes yet another hundreds of thousands of new recruits for the war against Ukraine and puts its economy on a war footing, the West must step up its military, economic and diplomatic support for Kyiv. This means equipping the Ukrainian army with long-range weapons and in large numbers, as well as providing modern aviation. In addition, it is necessary to introduce tough sanctions against Moscow and activate the international coalition to isolate Russia.