At the UN, Russia once again spoke about its readiness for negotiations: the collapse of the Kremlin is close, and Putin understands it

On January 13, Vasyl Nebenzia, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, said at a meeting of the UN Security Council that Moscow is ready for «achieving the goals of the war» through negotiations, if «there is no longer a threat to the Russian Federation in Ukraine.»

Nebenzi’s speech reaffirmed the fact that the Kremlin has not given up its maximalist goals about seizing Ukraine, false justifications for an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine, and attempts to force the West to negotiate while neglecting Kyiv’s national interests. Moscow continues to falsely claim that Ukraine poses an existential threat to Russia in order to reject Ukrainian proposals for a peace summit.

Today, the Russian authorities have no readiness to negotiate with Kyiv. The Kremlin confirms this with massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure. So, during January 14, Russia launched 3 air and 57 missile strikes on residential buildings in Ukrainian cities, in particular in the city of Dnipro (more than 20 people died), and the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. This missile attack on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine is a kind of hint from Russia to the leadership of the Ukrainian state to sit down with it at the negotiating table.

In this way, Russia has confirmed to the international community that it is a terrorist state, and that Russian troops are bringing destruction, death and immense suffering to everyone they are supposedly trying to «liberate». Therefore, Russia should be immediately excluded from the UN Security Council, because its presence in this body is a shame for the whole world. In addition, complete political isolation of the Russian Federation without any contacts with the current Russian leadership is necessary.

Today, the consolidated position of the West, almost for the first time in recent history, has made Russia answer for its aggression against a sovereign state. It is the military support of Ukraine that is the fastest way to peace. Ukraine has so far complied with restrictions imposed by the West on the use of weapons provided to Kyiv, so concerns about the transfer of more powerful systems have decreased.

Despite Russian threats, Western countries should continue supplying Ukraine with weapons in order to help the Ukrainian people win the war as soon as possible. The supply of weapons and armored vehicles to Ukraine will make it possible to minimize losses among Ukrainian citizens and shorten the duration of the war.