Arms deliveries to Ukraine secures Europe from Russian war spilling over beyond Ukraine

Russia has long and thoroughly been preparing for a war with Europe. In Vladimir Putin’s mind, millions of Russian soldiers driving thousands of tanks across the continent would have been the proper retribution for the collapse of the USSR. He is ready to kill half of his own country’s male population in the ongoing war with Ukraine until critical losses are inflicted on his army. Russia is a colossus with feet of clay threatening Europe, and this force must be destroyed.

Germany will provide a significant military assistance package for Ukraine, including three dozen Leopard main battle tanks, air defense capabilities, including four IRIS-T air defense systems with tens of thousands of rounds to them. This qualitative breakdown in favor of supporting Ukraine occurred as a result of a series of defeats inflicted by the Ukrainian army on the Russian invasion force.

The Russians continue to destroy peaceful Ukrainian cities and, to this end, massively upgrade their heavy aerial bombs. In this way, in Afghanistan, Soviet troops killed over 2 million civilians. A similar scenario awaits Ukraine if Putin’s army is not stopped in Donbas.

By 2026, the Russian armed forces are estimated to amount to 1.5 million. If this horde invades Europe, the latter will face terror, genocide, and massive war crimes.

As a result, the aviation coalition is the main component of Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts, while hi-end air defense systems are the key to protecting the sky over Ukraine. Russia unleashed a genocidal war to exterminate the Ukrainians, and it must be defeated in order to prevent further threats to the entire civilized world.